Handicapping March Madness

The NCAA Tournament is the best event of the year for sports bettors. There are 67 games that occur over three weekends of action. This is not to mention the conference tournaments that take place the week before. If you are a college basketball fan, you get excited at this time of the year.

According to, professional bettors are already starting to prepare for the tournament. If you are MLB picks today, my advice would be to start preparing for the action. The tournament can be slightly overwhelming, so you may not know where to begin.

There are some proven strategies that can help you handicap March Madness. Handicappers win bets, so take these strategies into account, and it will help you prevail. March Madness becomes a lot more fun when you are winning. Even though the bracket is not set, start preparing now to win big.

Let’s get into some of the best strategies to handicap March Madness!

Focus on a Section of the Bracket


The people who make the biggest mistakes during March Madness are the ones who bet on the whole bracket. The entire bracket is fun to parlay, but it’s not the best way to profit. There are so many things that can happen in the NCAA Tournament.

It’s nearly impossible to know every team’s full details for betting. A general understanding is not good enough to consistently win during March Madness. If you want to bet on the whole bracket, I recommend sprinkling some money.

However, the money you are using to profit should be concentrated on a set amount of games. This is the best way to win because it allows you to prepare your bets. You can research teams and matchups, which helps you make successful bets.

Do not bet more than you can handle in the NCAA Tournament. Pick a few games and become an expert with the teams.

Second Half of the Season

The NCAA basketball season spans over months. A team can transform throughout the season and become a contender in March. They can also fall apart in the second half of the year and hit the tournament playing bad basketball.

When you are looking at past results, you should focus on the second half of the season and the conference tournaments. Teams that get hot late in the season are the best to bet in the NCAA Tournament.

If a team has a great start to the year but gets derailed late, they usually have a hard time gaining strength in the NCAA Tournament. You want to bet the hot hand in March because winning is usually predicated on momentum.

Past Tournaments


When betting on March Madness, you must remember that you are betting on 18 to 22-year-old kids. When you bet on college athletics, anything can happen. This is why experienced athletes are important for NCAA betting.

The powerhouse teams that consistently make the tournament are great to bet because they have been in the spotlight. The players learn how to win from an early age. When they become team leaders, they know what it’s like to play at the highest level.

You never want to lose because an athlete cracks under pressure. This is why you should look at betting the teams that win consistently. They know how to pull off victories under pressure.

Balanced Teams

There are very few balanced teams in the NCAA Tournament. When looking through stats, you should try to find the balanced teams and bet on them in their games. Balance is critical in the NCAA Tournament because it’s hard to beat various teams.

The teams that can win in multiple areas of the court prevail because when other teams fail in their strength, they have balance. Defensive efficiency is more important than offensive efficiency. However, high scoring teams are critical to wager, so take both these into consideration.

Take these handicapping tips into account, and you will have a lucrative NCAA Tournament.

Tips for Betting Handicap March Madness

1. Check the Performance of Teams


Many teams participate in the tournament, and you have to check their performance by their overall record. It is a common strategy that every bettor follows to win the bet. You must check how the team is performing every week.

Check how its rank goes up or down on the list. Your betting strategies will also change as per their performance. At the beginning of the tournament, you expect a team to win, but it may not win in the end. Therefore, you have to keep checking the performance of the team constantly.

2. Money Management

Before you bet your money, you must have a budget and know how to spend your money. You never want to risk your money and play safely. In excitement, you may spend more, and you never realize it.

You must understand that it is okay to lose or win money. You have to stay calm and face the challenges every week. But you must know how to manage your money.

3. Take Care of Public Favorites


Some teams are public favorites, and it is better to avoid them. But it is not valid for every team. If the ranking or popularity of any team is high, it can be overvalued. Usually, many bettors bet on the favorite team, earning profits.

But sometimes, people have high expectations from that team, and it may not perform as per their expectations. Therefore, you have to understand the game before you bet your money instead of considering public favorites.

4. Advantages for Teams Good at Defense

In the tournament, it is better to choose teams that are perfect in defense. Many teams are not good at making shots, but they are good at defending their shots from other teams. Many bettors get attracted to the teams that play on an offensive side.

They think they are performing well and have more chances of winning the game. But it is never true every time. Sometimes, teams with good defense abilities can also win the tournament.

5. Consider the Location


You need to keep in mind the location of the tournament. The NCAA tournament has a distinct fanbase in different countries. The more the fanbase, the more people will focus on specific teams.

Thus, you need to take care of the location where the tournament is planning to happen. When you play the game on the neural court, the popular and top teams will be close to home. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the location of the tournament.

Final Thoughts

Handicap march madness is a popular event for bettors to make profitable bets. But before you do so, you have to follow the tips and strategies to do betting correctly. Every year, many teams participate in the NCAA tournament.

If you want to bet on the right and successful team, you need to research and focus on the team’s performance. After evaluating everything, you can make strategies for betting and making money.

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