Things to Know Before Heading to the Bookies

Going to the bookies is an outing that may be a weekly occurrence or a yearly treat for some people, but the same rules apply regardless, and they are quite easy to follow as well. These places serve to take money from you. But it can be fun to add some excitement to watching sport and earning some extra pocket money whilst you are at it. To avoid losing all your money 5 minutes into a bet, make sure that you are smart about it, and have a proper approach before the game begins. Have a look at these tips to help to improve your chances of bashing that bookie.

Top 5 Important Things To Know Before Heading To Bookies

1. Come prepared, and have the needed general knowledge


Punters are known for going into the bookies, without the knowledge or just in pure panic and sticking on a bet which is silly and uneducated. The best way to assure that you get some returns on your bets is by doing research. Knowing your sport and event is crucial to placing the correct bet at the correct price and ultimately getting the best reward. Things like current form, top goal scorers, or who’s won the most majors in the last few months are all great knowledge to have to make an educated bet on your slip.
So, do your research, or at least ask around.

2. Find amazing odds, and go for amazing odds

It is important to shop around different bookies to find the best odds. Not all bookies are the same and many offer different odds for different sports. Find the best one for you and for the bet you are looking to put on. They also tend to have sign-up offers that give you free bets upon your initial bet which is an added incentive for bettors when betting with sites such as Timeform.

Favourites are not guaranteed to win. In fact, when you start to go into more niche sports and areas in sports the more likely it is the favourite is going to lose the game. It is with this you get better odds and better returns. Not only can you get better returns from more niche sports but the odds on upsets are much more rewarding. Look at avoiding horse racing favourites (who tend to win at around 30% of the time) and perhaps change your bets to focus on those in the best form. Sports like UFC are still more niche than others and provide great returns for punts on the underdogs who regularly win.

3. Know what to avoid, always


Avoid deals, odds-on selections, and multiples bets. Normally the deals advertised by bookies are to entice people with no real backing or knowledge behind them they can lead you down a path and straight to the ruined bet slip pile. Odds-on selections are another no-go. Using them to pad out accumulators is silly. These offer much more risk than reward. For the sake of an extra minimal cash reward, you are jeopardising your selection. It’s just not worth it. This is especially true when you look at tennis or knockout football games. The favourites are always at short odds, but regularly run the risk of upsets. This means you are sticking 6-8 fold accumulators on for the sake of a 4/1 bet that is more than likely to fail. You would be much better backing a single at 4/5 with a higher stake. This leads onto the argument against multiple bets. Yes if an accumulator comes off you will be rolling in it. But bookies statistically lose most of their money to high stake singles.

4. Don’t mix passion with luck

Don’t bet with luck when it comes to your favorite team, and be smart with your approach, as well as your means of support. As the age-old saying goes you should never bet on your own team. Passion and hope get in the way of actual reality and the bookies love it. They rake in the money whilst fans of underdogs continually back their teams for an upset that is just never going to happen. In times like these, you should look at betting on more niche markets that are more likely to return than the overall outcome or result of the sporting event. Stay calm, cool, and collected, and only then you will enjoy the outcome, as well as your profit.

PS: If you’ve been in this system for long enough and you haven’t had that much luck when it comes to betting and odds, make sure to ask a professional bookie for help.

5. Sometimes, bookies partner up


Did you know that sometimes bookies can partner up, and give you new deals? Smaller bookies can become sub-bookies to bigger fish, as well as more experienced bookies. These smaller bookies will close after the basketball tournament is over, and will reopen in a couple of months, most likely August of next year! New bookies will come with an arranged deal, and they will have their own separate money group. Bookies that are planning on closing down and shutting for the upcoming winter season will gladly take these deals. They will lure other customers and players, as well as sports fanatics by finding them in local bars since this is where most bets go down. If you are feeling stuck and it is in the off-season, this is your safe-bet, literally!

Ready to keep your bets high?

Sports betting can be fun and add extra excitement. But it can also be a dangerous money pit. To avoid constant losses have a look at the above tips and implement them next time you make a trip to the bookies! These five practical tips will help you during any and every moment since it is important to stay calm and collected before placing a larger bet, and before investing loads of money. Consider all the perks that a bookie has to offer, and pay them a visit!

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