How to Hide your Weaknesses in Job Interviews – 2024 Guide

What are your weaknesses? This is one of the crucial questions asked in job interviews. If you answer it correctly, you will have a higher chance of getting the job. But you cannot show your weakness straightaway. Therefore, never admit your weak point.

Instead, you have to give the answer that will further improve your image. Make sure that the interviewer believes that you are almost perfect. For instance, you can say that “I care so much about work that I often do not even regard my sleep”. This will show that you are dedicated to your work and can meet the deadline even if you have to sacrifice your sleep.

But not everyone falls for this trick. Therefore, you have to smartly answer the question.

If you want to improve your interview skills visit they can help you with the case interviews. Furthermore, they also train your to answer the questions with reasoning, as it improves your impression. In addition to this, you will also give tests that will let you do your self-assessment. So that you know where you stand.

If you go through this training, you will surely feel confident and will have the answers to the case interviews. This is especially necessary for people who are interested in going into the business sector. Furthermore, conducting case interviews is quite a common thing in business jobs.

Therefore, with the right training, you will be able to hide your weaknesses and will only show your strong points. Because apart from giving the right but protecting yourself is also equally important.

So here are some of the tips that will help you out with your next interview. These are the tips to hide your weaknesses so that you become one of the strongest candidates.

So how will you hide your weaknesses?

1 – Do not lie to the interviewer


Although you might think that “I am too diligent in my work” is the right answer but it is not. Believe me, this trick is getting older day by day. A number of people answer the question in this way. This shows that you are too much good and do not have a single weakness, which is totally wrong. No one is perfect in this world. So if you try to present yourself as on perfect human being, you will fail badly.

I have recently come across an interview where the interviewer asked the candidate about his weakness. His answer was, “I am a workaholic”, like many others. So when the interviewer asked that if it was his weakness? He got confused. Why? Because he does not know how to further explain it.

How being a workaholic could be a weakness? What happened at the end? He lost the job because the authorities believed that he is not honest. So although he has the right qualifications his moral character was not up to the mark.

Most of the interviewers ask this question to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you get the right task. So if you lie in the interview, you will either trap yourself. Or you might lose the interview because these people in the business are not stupid.

2 – Choose your real weakness

Instead of showing your weakest point or depicting yourself as a perfect person, you can tell the truth. For example, if you have an interview with a fashion designer. You should not be necessarily good at maths and writing. Rather you should have a good aesthetic sense and must have the right qualifications.

Fashion designers are not supposed to do description writing or similar jobs. Instead of that, they only need to offer great designs. Therefore, if you have the right qualifications and you meet their standards, they will hire you. Furthermore, if even in case there is a need to do some writing task, they will ask someone else to do it.That is why telling the trust and showing your weakness is not always a bad thing.

But if you tell them that you have studies fashion designing but do not have any color combination sense, you will definitely fail.

Therefore, you can tell the right answer based upon the job and its requirements. If you need to do an office job, you cannot tell them that you are not good at writing. Or you are not good at working late at night and your sleep is more important.

Instead of that, you can tell them that you do not compromise your sleep nor your work if you have a deadline, you will try to do the work on time. And if it is your sleep time, you will take a rest and work tomorrow morning but will definitely finish it before the deadline.

Such an answer will show that you work diligently and even take care of your health. Because you compromise your health, you are likely to get fatigued. Thus, your working efficiency will be reduced. So the right answer would be “I cannot wake up late and work”. But to keep up with the work, I wake up early in the morning. “I am a morning person”.

3 – Tell them how you are working on improving yourself


Humans are continuously working on improving themself. Even if you are not trying, your daily life experiences change your personality. Some incidents make you a better person. Therefore, when you tell them that you are not good at working late at night.

You can further explain the answer by saying that, “although I am not good at waking up late at night but I am constantly working on improving this aspect”.

My previous job never required late working hours, but I came across some of my friends who had to. Therefore, I am also working on that. So if I am assigned to do some job at a specific time, I try to do it a day before.

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