8 Reasons to Hire a TV Wall Mounting Service in 2024

Let’s be fair, most of us feel that this is a simple DIY job where nothing could go wrong and you shouldn’t seek professional help. However, most of us would be really, really wrong. Sure, it’s possible to do this yourself, a lot of things are if we’re being honest, but, when it comes to hanging an expensive piece of tech on the wall, I would advise against just winging it.

There is a lot more to mounting a TV to a wall than just drilling a few holes in the wall and then hanging up the TV. First of all, you’ll need professional equipment, unlike a picture, this cannot be hanged by a nail so hammer’s out. If you hire a pro, you can expect them to do their job right, with the right tools and quite frankly to the job done way better than any of us would. So, what is it that the wall mounting service brings to the table that you cannot? Let’s talk about it.

1. They’ll make sure to use the appropriate wall mount


As much as the TVs differ one from another, same goes for wall mounts. Not every mount fits every TV, nor do they do the same thing. It’s important to find a proper mount for your TV that can also fulfil your wishes. They vary in type, size, strength (how much weight they can support) or just functionality in general (whether they can move, twist, swivel). So, let’s say you’ve bought a large 70 inch TV, you got a soundbar and you want it to be able to move to different angles. A professional crew will make sure to mount the TV to an adequate mount that allows you to angle your TV, position the soundbar to offer the best sound experience and more.

2. They’ll make sure it’s securely attached

Sure, you can attach the TV to amount by yourself – it’s not that hard, right? Well, let’s say yes just for the sake of argument. However, what about attaching the mount to a wall itself? Can you properly assess whether the bearing wall is strong enough to support a heavy TV? Professional crews have done this numerous times and can with certainty recognize a wall that is not strong enough. They’ve worked with all kinds of materials and textures before, so they’ll know what to if they encounter a problem.

3. You won’t have to worry about the TV falling down


This has been a worry from the day the TVs were made. Back in the day, you’d have a kid climb a TV cabinet, or wherever it was placed, and knock it down. Nowadays, they don’t really climb the mounts but the TVs do fall off believe it or not. Over 1000 people are injured weekly all over the world by a falling TV. Therefore, have a pro securely attach what needs to be attached and don’t ever think about the TV falling off and breaking or injuring someone.

4. They’ll think about the cable management

First of all, there’s nothing more unappealing than wires hanging from a wall. Please, for the love of God, if you have a 70 inch OLED that makes viewing experience magical, please, get rid of that cable and zip tie eyesore underneath. Hire a professional crew like aerialandsatelliteexpress to hide those cables. Sure, you could cover it up with a plastic channel, but wouldn’t you rather have them go through your wall and be completely invisible? Another important thing is they’ll make sure there’s enough space behind the TV so your cables and adapters don’t get bent more than they should.

5. You’ll get to experience proper viewing experience


There are more things to a TV then just its size. When a mounting crew does the job, they will make sure to consider all things – the light sources (unless you have blinds, please don’t mount your TV by the window), where you’re going to sit or lie down when watching, and so on. They will make sure you get the best possible viewing experience in the given environment and that is really important if you want to take advantage of your TV.

6. You’ll only need to pay for mounting one time

What we mean by this is, if you’re going for a DIY route, chances are you are going to need someone, someday to repair the mess you’ve made. That equals more expenses and less TV time. A lot of TV mounting crews actually do more repairs than the actual setups because people try to do it themselves and they botch the job. Be smart, avoid those mistakes and just hire a pro right away.

7. You might even profit from it one day


Even if you do a solid job as far as securing the TV, make it functional so to say, chances are, it’s not going to be as pretty. If you take a look behind the TV you might see a couple of failed drilling attempts, a whole way too large for cables to go through, all in all, too much damage on the wall. Let’s say one day you plan to sell the house. Which do you think a buyer would like more – a wall with unnecessary holes in it or the wall that look just as before with the addition of a good TV wall mount? Details like this, which you might consider irrelevant, can affect the value of your home in a significant way.

8. You can do other stuff

Would you rather spend all weekend researching the best wall mounts, comparing prices, looking up which tools you have and which do you need and then spend several hours trying to put everything in place or would you rather just sit back, grab a can of soda and talk to the guys while they mount the TV for you? Most of them will clean up afterwards so the only thing left for you to do is sit in front of the TV and watch the game. The latter seems like a better option from where we’re sitting.

That was 8 reasons why you should hire a TV wall mounting service and hopefully you agree with us.

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