Historical Destinations and Important Landmarks

It doesn’t matter where we decide to go to, which destination to visit and explore as it somehow seems like wherever we go, there is some significant monument of great historical value. By just glancing through history books, we can come to a conclusion that on every continent, there were turbulent periods, full of uncertainties and fear, which only enhances the importance of these monuments that withstood the test of time. Every single one of them has a different story, just like its purpose is to remind us of all the bad or/and good things that once happened, and, of course, some of them are also of much greater importance for us.

The landmarks that build up the capital city are some of the most famous buildings in the world, and regardless of where you are from, you have probably at least heard about them. Each of these monuments represents a piece of history and holds a story about the country. So, if you’re heading to Washington DC soon: consider visiting some of these locations.

The Lincoln Memorial


Unless you’re traveling in from Georgetown and can stop in often, chances are you’ll want to try and experience as much of DC as you can at once, as is suggested by

One of the must-see sights and monuments is the famous Lincoln Memorial, as it is one of the most important landmarks in the city and is a vital piece of what has made America into the country it is in the last couple hundred years. The monument is dedicated to probably the most famous president of the United States, the one that marked American society today as we know it. Lincoln was the one from which it all started, and it’s because of his presidency that we today have an entirely different understanding of the word freedom than we used to have before him. As for the site itself, it allows you to see an enormous statue of Abraham Lincoln, watching over the capitol building to guide it away from mistakes.

The White House


The White House is a symbol of America more iconic than the Statue of Liberty or the grand canyon. This building is the official residence of the President of the United States and has been built twice. It was first made in 1792, but less than twenty-five years later, it was burned down in 1814. Rebuilt in 1818, it now stands as a symbol for the country. The Oval Office is probably the most recognized term and room in the entire room, and each year more than one million people visit this magnificent piece of history.

Tourists can enjoy guided tours, where they’re informed about the art and sculptures, interesting anecdotes about the home, and given a chance to understand why the building matters. Furthermore, they get a chance to buy a souvenir that will always remind them of how important this building actually is.

The Washington Monument


This 555-foot tall monument is one of the most iconic pieces of the National Mall and is gorgeous when reflected in the long Reflecting Pool that sits at its base.

Built in the mid-1800s, this tower took over forty-five years before the Army Corps of Engineers finally completed it, which is one fascinating piece of information.

The separate states of the building are visible when this monument is looked at since it comes in three different shades as it gets taller. This adds to its history and makes it an iconic piece of the history of the whole country. The monument is a real masterpiece, and everyone should see it at least once in a lifetime. Rich history will only make the whole experience much better, so try to learn as much as you can about Washington Monument when you decide to visit it.

The United States Capitol and Capitol Hill


If you want to go to a landmark that’s known around the world as uniquely American: it’s time to go to the United States Capitol and Capitol Hill. This building is the seat of the House of Representatives and Senate. The large dome makes this building iconic and helps it stand out against the city’s countless other large and incredible facilities. Because of that, it is impossible to go to the USA and do not see this amazing building.

Free tours are offered on weekday afternoons to allow visitors to look at the gorgeous paintings and art that fill the buildings and learn the history of the building. These free tours are a great way to spend an interesting weekend, see astonishing paintings, and learn more about American history. The Old Senate chamber was recently restored; it was used until 1935 and is approaching its 100th anniversary.

National Mall and Veterans Memorials


The National Mall encompasses all of these buildings, plus more of them, and it is one of the best ways to learn a lot in one place. This several-mile trek allows you to walk around the monuments and learn more while getting a breath of fresh air and enjoying spending some time outside. The veteran’s memorials here are the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

Beyond this is the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial that was recently dedicated in 2014.
Each of these landmarks is a large piece of American history and allows locals to learn more about the land and the people who created our country. It is something that each of us should know, and we should not miss the opportunity to learn more about it since our and our country’s history is a part of us, and we need to know everything we can about it to understand our present and future better. Because of that, every local person should visit as many monuments and landmarks as they can at least once in a lifetime, and they are a great way for tourists to learn more, understand, and honor American history and the people who wrote it. Besides the fact they are of great historical value, they are also great tourist attractions. It makes them perfect places to spend some free time with people you love or to show to people from foreign countries.

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