Home Decor Trends You Should Follow in 2024

Home decor can be a fun topic for any current or future homeowners! Do you like to decorate or re-decorate yourself? Are you interested in decorating your home, or perhaps trying out some new decor trends that are going to be huge & popular in 2024? If so, keep on reading as we talk about all the different directions that the latest trends will be taking. Here is what to expect or how you can decorate the space yourself, without the help of exterior and interior designers.

Home Decor Trends You Should Follow in 2024

1. Warm and neutral tones


Colors play a crucial role in our homes, wouldn’t you agree? If you are not afraid of adding a bit of warmth to your home, especially around your kitchen or living room, consider all the shades of reds, such as light & dark brown shades, as well as orange colors. Decorate your chosen corner with a color that matches the rest of your home. Go big & bright in 2024!

2. Bright & bold wallpaper options

Wallpapers can give an element of elegance, retro looks, or even a bohemian vibe, depending on the color & fabric that you end up choosing. Nowadays there are thousands of different kinds of wallpapers that you can use and place in your preferred room, and within a different corner. Make sure that each room has a theme, and consider geometric patterns, landscapes, etc to kill the plain monotony look.

3. Nature-inspired rooms


Interior design trends have been a lot more practical and eco-friendly this year. This is because people are getting eco-aware of their surroundings. Faux natural materials are in high demand since they can still look natural & complementary to the space. Any kind of materials that look and resemble a stone will come in handy. Loads of natural elements, greenery & flowers will make your space more open, natural & lit.

4. A lot of flexibility

A lot of men and women are aiming for multi-functional spaces that can open up their room and give out an element of cute corners with functionality. You will be seeing a lot of fold-out tables and chairs in different rooms in 2024. If you live in a small one-bedroom apartment you are going to appreciate this trend the most out of everyone due to its practicality!

5. Curved lines


Curves and curved lines are so big in 2024. Curved lines can give your home a comfy & attractive outcome. Curves in any form, such as your curtains, rugs, or sofas are going to look so chic and trendy. For some, they can also leave a vibe of a Mediterranean home. No more simplicity, consider going curvy!

6. Nouveau design

Did you know that Art Nouveau is characterized by its use of a long, sinuous, organic line and was employed most often in architecture, interior design? This trendy design and approach has different antique pieces of furniture, but with a futuristic twist. Ornamental chairs or tables with warm colors or funky tones that you wouldn’t usually expect, who wouldn’t love them?!

7. Something a bit more ”concrete”


Concrete countertops are a huge hit in 2024, but you can also add some other concrete bits and pieces to your home decor. For a lot of people, pendant lighting is a good move to make. Color-match and color-co-ordinate your room and your space with different kinds of bright colors which will make your space modern, even when combined with grey elements and concrete.

8. Maximalism is the way to go

Say bye to minimalism, and consider going all out! Combine different retro clashing prints and make your room or rooms stand out. You should know where to start and what centerpiece is your favorite, and build on from there. Later on combine different prints, fabrics & lines into your home. For some, this can be done through pictures, cushions & bookshelves.

9. Sustainable design and concept ideas


Sustainability has been a talked-about concept and topic for years now. If you wish to be sustainable and eco-friendly, make sure that you shop for your new bits and pieces at thrift stores or online while looking at a pre-owned section. You can also opt for, let’s say, bamboo floors over hardwood floors since they are a lot more practical and easy to get your hands on.

10. Smart technology approach

Smart technology allows you to use different tools and items per your need, preference & liking. Technology nowadays has made quite an impact on our everyday lives, which is why we tend to include it in different fields. Current trends encourage sleek electronics, modern tools & gadgets to be used in all parts of our homes. Make your space lively & modern without taking the beauty of your chosen colors or furniture.

A bonus round: practical offices for everyone

During the first few months of the pandemic and because of COVID-19 in general, people worldwide have made a choice and a decision to adapt to the situation. For loads of them, this meant adjusting and transforming their rooms into home offices. Do you work at home yourself? If so, here are some tips on how to approach your room:

  • Declutter it for easier organization
  • Buy a desk that ensures good posture
  • Go for a lot of houseplants to give it warmth and for it to improve your mood

Want to try out some different trends?

If you are ready to start the project makeover and you want to give your room or your home a new look, make sure that you check out They have even more tips & tricks that will help you create the space and the room of your dreams! Do not book fancy designers, and consider doing the process & renovations yourself. Follow their advice and end up with a stylish space that follows all the trends of 2024, ideal for anyone who wants a subtle or an extreme makeover.

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