How AI Makes Gambling Better

When we think of AI, we might think of robots and machinery with the intelligence to take over the world. However, fortunately, AI is currently working with us and not against us … for now.

The implementation of AI is huge and we can see it and feel its presence everywhere. From our phones to the tech we use around the house, in our car, and our workplace. Artificial intelligence is here to make some parts of our daily lives easier and more relaxing. It will allow us to focus more on tasks that are important while it works in the background dealing with other jobs. It is here to here to help us, protect us, watch over us and so much more. We need to get used to it because it is here to stay and be a part of our lives. How big, it is up to us?!

The online gambling industry is always ahead of the curve – and as such, AI is making an appearance at numerous online casinos under various guises.

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So, what role is it taking and how can it make online gambling safer? Let’s take a look…

Artificial Intelligence in Online Gambling


There are all different opportunities for AI to make an appearance in online gambling. Some areas already making use of AI include voice and facial recognition, marketing, fraud detection, automation and also predictive maintenance. More importantly, AI can also be used for managing the casino player database. It identifies the most valuable players and can help to provide better customer support.

One thing that many fail to understand is that AI will have a huge role in one thing regarding gambling – picking up on problem gamblers. We all know that gambling can create issues and problems for some people and we all know that there are people that try to stop gambling and some of them are doing better than others. With AI and good coding, you can make a system of overwatch for these people and aid them in not falling off the wagon. It will be beneficial for both the gambling site and the gamblers as well.

The Benefits of AI in Casino

A More Customised Experience


Casinos could use AI to keep customising and adapting the players’ in-game casino experience, so players can enjoy a tailor-made experience. But what does that mean? Well, for a start, AI software can be used to detect the preferences of every player, their favourite games etc – and create a perfect home page based on these findings. AI can track patterns, notice trends and make accurate projections.

This is the same thing your phone does now. From your search history, views and everything else you get the experience you want and need, from offers, commercials and everything else. This is the same thing you can expect in casino games from now on and it will be a good step forward.

Better Customer Service

Automated customer service can use all of the data it accesses – billing history, game preference, performance and habits. It can use this to come to a logical conclusion as to how best to respond to any queries. Machine and AI learning can help a casino improve their customer service, allowing for a more human-like response from a chatbot. This will make it quicker, and more accessible and benefit both casinos and players.

The regular response times from live operators vary based on their skill and speed. These things will be excluded once AI takes over this department and you will be able to resolve any issues and get answers to all your question in a matter of minutes. Sometimes disputes on gambling sites can take up to several days and this is not something we all enjoy. Thanks to artificial intelligence and the data it can, in a blink of an eye, pull down from their data centres your issues will be resolved almost instantly.

Responsible Gambling

The possible dangers of online gambling are well-known. Signs of becoming addicted include chasing your losses, lying about your gambling activity, using borrowed money to play, gambling at unsociable hours – and not realising when it’s time to stop.

New AI initiatives are being developed to create an environment more suited to Responsible Gambling. It can help casinos identify harmful gambling habits, it can help to detect possible addiction and assist casinos in developing a safety net for the most at-risk players.

Casinos invest a lot of time, money and effort in finding players with bad habits or better known as gambling addictions. The computer can do this a lot more precise and a lot faster which makes this solution worthy of praise and a thing that might significantly lower the gambling issues of the world.

Detecting Cheating Players

AI can be used to detect players that aren’t necessarily playing by the rules. If a casino can identify and interpret suspicious behaviours then the casino can take any action necessary more quickly, thereby catching the fraudsters before they can harm the casino or any other gamblers.

The type of cheating you may try depends on the games you play, and the casinos you use and with AI these all can be stopped almost instantly. Since online casinos are the easiest pray for cheaters now, where a piece of software or a tool that can inject something into the source code of the game, can bring you good benefits the AI would be there as a correcting factor catching these intents and remedying the issues instantly.

A World of Possibilities


Who knows what the future holds? But we can certainly look at the possibilities. Let’s look at some examples we can go by. For example, in 1997, Deep Blue Heat – a chess supercomputer, managed to beat Garry Kasparov, the famous grandmaster. The computer was programmed to respond to a player’s movements and make a strategic move based on what it has learned to win… and it did. Since then, there have been poker bots – with even more in development.

It isn’t necessarily easy to predict how AI will change casino gaming, but it certainly looks exciting. We could see robot croupiers, safer gambling environments and even more personalised experiences.

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