How Do UK Bookies Calculate Odds – 2024 Guide

Before you start spending your money on various sports events, it is crucial to learn more about the systems that bookies are using to provide the odds, along with the strategies and systems that will help you increase your chance of winning.

The most important thing is to develop a proper strategy and invest more time in analyses since that is the main advantage of sports betting when compared to other types of gambling. Also, you should take the advantage of new betting sites since it is common that they will provide new players with some excellent deals. If you’re interested in some of the best sites available in the UK, check out

Furthermore, an even more important thing to do before you start placing bets is to compare different sites and look for those options where you can secure the highest profit. Since there is a huge competition on this market in recent years, it is common that many of these sites will often introduce some great deals and bigger odds.

When it comes to the odds, you should learn more about calculating. They are provided by experts, and resemble the probabilities of certain outcomes. However, it can be challenging when you are interested in placing a bet in a country that is not using the same system. For example, the process will seem completely different in the UK, USA, and Europe. The reason for that is that they are using different methods to introduce the probabilities.

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What Are the Main Types?

There are three most common models that are used all over the world. The interesting fact is that the US is using a unique system called money line. If you are from Europe, it could be very difficult to understand how it works, especially if you want to combine several games at once.

Other methods are easier to understand, and they are decimal and fractional systems. The most common method used in the UK is fractional. On the other hand, you need to understand that there will be no difference in the prize that you can get no matter which one of these you are using.

How To Check the Potential Profit?

We will start with fractions since they are used in the UK most often.  The unique thing about this method is that it will show you how much money you will have to invest to get a certain prize. For example, a four-to-one bet means that you will need to invest one pound to get a profit of four pounds. The total winning will be five pounds.

If you are used to easier decimal system, you can easily convert the factions. The decimal for a four-to-one is five. The most common misconception for people who got used to decimals is that fractions provide less profit, and the reason for that is that they are not aware that the invested amount is not included in the odd. Therefore, you always calculate the winning along with the money you paid.

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Combinations Might Seem More Difficult

The biggest downside of this method is when you want to combine several games on the same ticket. You will have to deal with some more complex mathematical operations to get the final result that will represent the odd. Still, it is difficult only on first notice. Once you get used to it, it will be as simple as decimals. All you need to do is to multiply the fractions and then use the final result as an outcome.

In case that you find it too difficult, the great thing is that the most of websites today are providing digital calculators where you can check the potential win. On the other hand, if you are planning to visit a land betting house, and you don’t know how to combine the factions, the best solution would be to convert them to decimals one by one.

What is The Best System?

There is no way to decide on which of these systems is the best. As we already mentioned, they will all provide the players with the same potential profit. It is all related to preferences and habits. For example, if you are from the US, chances are great that you got used to the money line, and you will find both fractions and decimals quite confusing.

The same is related to other two options. People from the UK are using the same system for a very long time. Even though decimals might be easier to calculate, which is especially the case when you want to combine a lot of games at once, the habits are playing the main role.

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Focus on Finding the Right Website

As you can see, there are not any differences related to potential money that you can win. Also, it is common that most modern online platforms will provide you the possibility to change the calculating systems. In that matter, the essential part is to research the web and determine the best options where you can spend your money.

Keep in mind that security must be on the first place since you will have to share some private details and bank account number. Therefore, be sure that the website you choose has proper license. You can easily check whether it is reliable by looking at some online reviews that you can find on many sites and forums.

Last Words

The most common type of calculating system in the UK is fractional. It is unique and can be difficult for players outside of the UK. However, you should know that there are no any crucial differences no matter what type of odds you are using to place a bet since the winning amount will remain the same.

Still, if you are not sure how to combine fractions, the best solution is to use an online calculator. Even if there is no such option on the website you are using at the moment, there are many free options that you can find online.

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