What is IMEI Number and How Does it Work – 2024 Guide

Statistics show that mobile phones are very often attacked by thieves and that more than 70 million of these devices are stolen annually. Although most people think that thieves mostly steal the phone to resell them, the truth is a little different. Thieves are mostly focused on the data they can access over the phone, such as a bank account. They will also be very happy to look for material that could be used for blackmail, to extort money. There are many more reasons why smartphones are targeted by thieves, but more importantly is how to find your phone when that happens?

We assume that many mobile phone users have not even heard of the IMEI number. However, this number is very important, especially when your smartphone is lost and you have to prove it is yours, or if you are buying it, but not sure if it was stolen. International Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique number used for device identification which does not match with any other phone. This number is useful because due to it, the operator can unlock your phone or forbid access if it has been stolen. Find more about it on eimei24. Every phone has its number, consisted of 15 digits and they are usually, but not necessarily typed in the next form – AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D. What we can say is that IMEI has 14 digits and the additional one is the control number.


In some cases, there are 16 digits and it is called IMEISV. In this code, letters A and B represent TAC (Type Allocation Code). In other words, this is the number that signifies device manufacturers. The other part of the code, market with letter the C represents a unique cell phone label or a serial number. The last code digit (D) is a check digit that ensures that the IMEI complies with all specified rules. Some manufacturers highlight the IMEI number on the bottom of the box with other numbers, while in some cases it is hidden under the battery, in case the battery is removable. In any case, you can find it in the settings, in the About phone submenu. If you haven’t succeeded in this way either, enter * # 06 # and press the call button afterward. Certain data will be displayed on the screen, and you will find the IMEI number among them. If you have a Dual Sim phone, you will see two IMEI numbers. It is used for identification on GSM, LTE, and UMTS networks.

What is recommend to do when purchasing a mobile device, especially if it is used, is to check the IMEI number on the official website to get additional information about the device. It is also possible to find out if the phone is blacklisted or stolen.

What is the IMEI number used for?


The main purpose of IMEI is to provide each device with a unique identification. Just as each person receives a unique number from the state and just as each vehicle has its number, telephones have an IMEI. Many confuse this number with a SIM card number even though there is no connection between them except the fact they are both related to the same device. How does it work? When you want to make a phone call with someone, your mobile operator will receive your data, ie your IMEI number and SIM card number, while providing the service. These two numbers help in unique identification. If the device is lost, these numbers will be handed over to the mobile operator to block all services so that the number will be blocked and no one will be able to use it. The operator can also require other operators to do the same. So, in case your phone is stolen, it is much easier to find it with the help of this number.

How can I locate my cell phone by using the IMEI number?


Not all hopes are lost when you lose your phone. After you call the police and provide them with IMEI number, half of the work is already done and they should be able to track it down. Another thing you can do is contact your cell phone provider because it is very easy for them to find your device if you provide them IMEI. One more very useful thing to do is to install some of plenty of IMEI tracking applications that will help you to locate the phone. Even if you do not know your IMEI number, you still have a chance to find it. However, these “methods” are a bit more unreliable, because for the search to be successful, WI-FI and GPS must be activated on the device. Here we are talking about apps like Find My Device and Find My iPhone.

Can thieves change the IMEI?

Unfortunately, although not easy, it is still possible to change the IMEI number. To change the number, thieves use a device known as a “flasher”. What is it about? It is a very advanced small device that connects to a computer and allows you to make changes in this unique number. Once this is done, it is no longer possible to trace the phone.

How can I protect my phone from thieves?


What each of us can do to protect our mobile device from theft is to always keep it in a safe place (In the inside pocket of a jacket for example). Many people hold the phone in front of them while sitting in their favorite cafe thinking that no one will pick it up because it is in front of them. So, guess what? You just served it to thieves! Another way is to protect the phone with two-factor authentication, ie to activate another type of protection in addition to the password, such as a fingerprint or a face scanner. This will make things a little more difficult though. It is not news that people ensure mobile devices, nor that many insurance companies even cover the hacking of personal data. So, you must do everything in your power to prevent the theft from happening, and if it does, the IMEI number will work with the police or service provider to do all the work for you!

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