Importance of Protection in the Workplace

Since people have an innate need for safety, it is necessary to satisfy this need in the workplace to enable maximum productivity and avoid injuries. Whereas foolproof a regular workplace, such as an office, would entail basic emergency equipment, some require providing employees with personal protective equipment and safety training courses.

What is important to mention is that a safe workplace is every worker’s legal right. Employers must provide their employees with a workplace that is safeguarded against any possible hazardous impacts.

However, if employers fail to do so, employees can inform themselves of their own rights and their superiors’ responsibilities. One way to achieve this is by hiring a work injury lawyer who will provide you with any advice concerning a work-related injury and your employer’s responsibilities.


When it comes to foreign workers, employers have to make efforts to provide them with access to healthcare services when injured or ill in the workplace. To get to know their rights in this context, immigrants need to contact a reliable law firm that can provide them with information, such as Law SB for immigration in New York.

The necessary protection equipment varies depending on the specific workplace conditions. Workers who encounter some hazards in their workplace need special protective equipment that will keep them safe from any type of injury that might endanger their lives. Such hazards may include exposure to hazardous chemicals, radiation, extreme temperatures, flames and sparks, and the like. In such situations employees should be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) that can consist of gloves, safety goggles, earplugs, and any other piece of equipment, or it can entail full-body protection suits. Personal protective equipment has the aim of reducing any exposure to hazards. However, an important constraint of personal protective equipment is that it doesn’t eliminate the source of danger. Therefore, the failure of the equipment to protect workers will result in their exposure to particular hazards.


Personal protective equipment includes different types of equipment based on the protected area of the body:

  • Respiratory protective equipment is used to protect workers from hazardous substances that include gases, sprays, powdered chemicals, etc. It may consist of masks, helmets, hoods, and so on. It is necessary to determine the type of equipment needed, which depends on the specific work activity and area.
  • Skin protective equipment has the aim of protecting workers from hazards that can cause skin cancer, dermatitis, and other skin injuries and infections. Hazards that can cause skin injury or disease can be categorized into four groups – chemical, mechanical, physical, and biological.
  • Eye protective equipment is required in order to minimize job-related eye injuries. It includes goggles, face shields, full-facepiece respirators, etc.
  • Hearing protective equipment is necessary for the workplace where industrial noise is present. It entails earplugs and earmuffs for workers who are exposed to high noise levels.
  • Protective clothing in ensembles encompasses different suits and uniforms, aprons, vests, coats, gowns, and full-body suits used for protection. As with any other type of equipment, it must be suitable for specific conditions and hazards.

Once workers have been provided with the necessary equipment, employers are required to organize training that will inform employees of all the steps necessary for properly using and maintaining their equipment. InForrotective equipment to be completely effective, workers have to know all vital information about the hazards they are exposed to and the equipment they are supposed to use.


Protection in the workplace is of utmost importance and it should not be neglected. Employers are responsible for providing their employees with a safe and healthy working environment, just as employees are required to perform their jobs conscientiously.

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