The Need for an Inducive YouTube Intro in 2024

YouTube, as known for years now, is expanding and diversifying in ways as never thought before. This is the first original platform to have been so popular among people for more than a decade. From Vlogs to Video Ads, YouTube has undergone transition over the years. Speaking of which, YouTube Intros have also been trending. Brands make use of YouTube intros for branding purposes for mass engagement. But first, let us know what YouTube Intros actually are.

What are YouTube Intros?

Intros are sort of short, miniature videos played preferably before your video starts. They give a short description of what your brand is and what is your aim, to be achieved out of it. The main purpose of YouTube intros are to attract the maximum number of customers to your business and let them know what you can offer them. You can make amazing videos within minutes with InVideo.

For instance, if you have a substitute brand and they plan strategies to get customers more onto their side, it falls upon you as to how you could take steps to stand out and prove why customers should go for your brand. It all depends on how creative you can get in persuading people to buy your product.

What are the different types of Intros?

Intros are of various types. Some of them are Animated Intros, where you could use animation as your intro style giving a funky touch to the video, Standard Intros which are the normal basic ones you could apply, some intros to be given at the beginning of the video or some that could be given after the video starts, maybe somewhere in between.

How could one make a YouTube Intro?

Well, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of YouTube Intro Makers available, even free of cost. Some of them are:

  • Biteable
  • Filmora
  • Flixpress
  • Wideo
  • Introbrand
  • Tube Arsenal
  • Videobolt

These are few of the top used YouTube Intro Makers and recommended also. However, even if you are looking for Video Makers, there are ample of choices you can make to get the best outcome for your video.

What are the different steps involved in making a YouTube Intro?

As far as you are ready with your concept, the intro video will also be ready in no time!
All you have to do is follow some steps. Perhaps, it could also be made free of cost! The steps go like:

  • Select a template of your choice and start from scratch.
  • Upload your brand logo and choose the colors you want to apply, from your brand colors. Make sure the colors are relevant to the intro background.
  • Choose/Upload your fonts, edit some text, add some filters, make transitions.
  • Add your effects and some good,soothing music to it.
  • Export your intro video and share!

Some key pointers to be kept in mind

Set an ideal goal

The very first aspect to be inculcated while making an intro is to set a goal. You should know your purpose of branding your product and what you expect from your customers in return. Is it for followers or more sales? Be clear.
The reason why you should be just is because intros are capable of attracting customers. It could help you gain popularity about your product consistently amongst your clients too. Hence, make your intro conducive for people to like.

Short and Precise goes a long way

Keeping in mind that intros should not be more than fifteen seconds, it is advisable to keep your intro video precise. It is possible to grab attention even in those fifteen seconds. Your intro should be able to describe more things about your brand within that time. It is those first few seconds which makes people decide if to further watch the video or not. Intros are meant to be short just to give a gist, to your customers, of what you plan to come up with.

Make use of your brand logo

Logos give a different feel to the brand. Many times, people know the brand through the logos, instead of the brand name. Logos are fun as it describes the creativity of the brand and what they can do for their customers using that logo. The logo of your brand is much reliable in increasing customer engagement. It tends the customer to get to know more about your business. Use it effectively and you will see the results later.

Make correct Frames

Intros are meant to be a one time thing. You are not going to make intros everytime, despite the need. One time, efficiently and effectively, goes a long way. Thus make sure you have everything planned perfectly before you start implementing your video.

Make it as creative as you can

The last and the most essential tip to be kept in mind is to make the video fun for the audience to watch. Even while designing the video, you should have fun. It will help you get more subscribers to your channel or website. The advantage of making something like this is that you can be as open and creative as you want. Nowadays, there are innovative styles you could apply in your video which could make it look even more amusing!


YouTube Intro Makers are very exciting to make once you get the hang of it. Keep in mind few of the above pointers and you are good to go! Do let us know how it went about!

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