7 Most Interesting Moments in the 2024 NBA Playoffs

This years’ playoffs have been incredibly impressive because of all the stress people were carrying because of the lockdown. Finally, the game lover got something worth watching. Although the games were played without having the real audience, the scenes were amazing. The incredible matches and hot shots of the players made the game’s fun. Visit to get the latest updates and news about the 2024 NBA playoffs.
About the most interesting moments in the 2024 NBA playoffs, we have prepared a list for you.

1. Nikola against the LA Clippers


Starting from the biggest upset of the NBA playoffs of 2024. It happened in the semis of the Western Conference when Denver Nuggets completely knocked out the LA Clippers. The start was not overwhelming, as the Nuggets were on the loose with 3 – 1. But in Game 7, they completely changed the game and came back with an amazing performance.

The defining moment took place in the 4th quarter when Nikola Jokic made the continuous shots. He turned the tables in the span of a few minutes. Thus, they got 11 points and made their comeback. What was amazing in this time was the Jokic’s signature single-legged fadeaway that mesmerized the fans.

2. Luka Doncic against the LA Clippers


Luka Doncic; the 21-year-old amazing player showed off his gaming skills against the LA Clippers. He brilliantly showcased his “clutch gene” in his very first game. Thus, he made his name among the favourites of 2024 playoffs. Therefore, we also came to know who is coming in the future, looking forward to him.
But what made the game 4 so special?

In the very first round between the LA Clippers and Dallas Mavericks, Luka launched 3 over the Reggie Jackson. Thus, the game was sealed in overtime because of his energetic performance. Even after the first round, Donic gave his best and that made him a dominant force in the game.

3. Lillard’s wish came true


Yes, Damian Lillard expressed his wish that he wants to play with the Lakers in NBA 2024 Playoffs. As you can see, he got that. The points he made in the Bubble regular season was 37.6 with a 44.2 points in the finals of the five regular games. Throughout his entire career, he got to play a lot of games but didn’t have the chance to go with the Lakers. And finally, this wish of his also came true in 2024.

4. Body Switching


Body switch? Yes, it seemed like James Harden and LU Dort switched their bodies during the game. During Game 7 between Thunder and Rockets. Lu Dort wasn’t missing the shot and Harden could not get a single bucket.

Harden was giving a hot hand in the game through his absolutely stunning 6 shots. He scored 30 with his excellent and mind-blowing performance. No one was actually expecting this challenging core game. So even if someone made a bet of 30 points, he should be given the claps.

5. A miraculous winning game from OG Anunoby


You must have heard of the game-changing shots and might have also watched a lot of them. But the 0.5 seconds game of this year’s NBA Playoffs, blew the minds of spectators. There is a lot that happened in just a span of half a minute. So here is a list of the happenings of the night;

  • Kyle Lowry threw the ball to the far side of the court, in the hands of the tallest man. That was a centimetre pass with complete perfection and precision.
  • OG Anunoby speedily released himself and drained the shot with amazing speed. All of this happened in mere 0.5 seconds and that demands hats off to OG Anunoby.
  • What was super interesting here was the reaction from Lowry. He was so excited for the shot that it is worth mentioning here and you should also check that out.
  • But what gave rise to our excitement was the expressions from OG Anunoby. He was stoned faced after that super amazing hit. He also made the statement, “I don’t shoot trying to miss”. What a perfect shot it was and what a perfect message he gave. “A round of applause for him”.

6. The Bucks told what it is to dig a 3–0 hole


They dug their own grave.

Bucks started off with an amazing performance. It was so good that not many of the viewers expected their loss. But after the first round, something happened that wasn’t actually expected. Giannis came back in the game and walled off. Their incredible effectiveness was outstanding. Moreover, what was super exciting was that they made a strong defense and played defensively.

To further enhance, the defensive strategy combined with the strong alpha male show from Jimmy Butler made the hit. The whole team gave a fearless contribution and showcased their brilliant coaching. Thus, to very much of a surprise for everyone, Miami increased the possibility of getting into the finals. Moreover, Miami is also the team of Eastern Conference that is expected to go to the finals.

But as mentioned above, Bucks dug their grave. So how did that happen? They went down 3-0. Their team work wasn’t good enough, comparing to Miami. Furthermore, they did not has Jimmy Butler, who alone, scored 17 points. This score was made by him in the 4th quarter of the game. Comparatively, Milwaukee couldn’t perform any better (God knows what happened to him!). Thus, he scored only 1 point in the game 3.

7. Boycott


The bold move made by the Bucks also made a highlight in the NBA Playoffs. Bucks refused to play and the effect wasn’t quiet. The issue became wide and protests started. Although the method was different but all the 4 major sports’ players joined these protests. The players voted for scrapping the season. The case went to the court and the games resumed after three days.

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