Introducing Magrav Technology: The New Energy Industry

Do you know how more and more people all around the world are waking up to the negative effects of combustion technology, only to be left struggling with not knowing of any advance-energy alternatives able to fully replace the use of combustion technology?

Well, The New Energy Industry is dedicated to educating men and women, all around the world, on the impressive, advance-energy alternatives that are emergent on this planet today.

So that, as we wake up, we can feel a sense of Hope when looking towards the future in knowing that the reign of combustion technology will soon be coming to an end – once and for all.

Using Magnetic and Gravitational Fields as means of Lift, Drive and Energy Generation: a full alternative to combustion technology.

The video below is a formal introduction to the emergent field of Magrav Technology while touching upon the true potential of this exciting new industry.

In this video, we look to history to compare the present-day development of Magrav Technology to the historical development of Electrodynamics:

In short, over 200 years ago the first, primitive, electric motor was developed by Michael Faraday, while at the same time the physicist James Clerk Maxwell published the mathematics for electrodynamics.

It was the combination of the Math (the Maxwell Equations) and the Technology (the Faraday Motor) that marked a turning point in history, ultimately giving birth to our modern world.

Present day, we have the physicist Nassim Haramein who has published the Math of Magnetic and Gravitational Field technology (Magrav Technology), and we have multiple teams all around the world who are currently developing the advanced-energy Generators.

Now, it is time for us as humanity to realize the true potential Magrav Technology has in creating a healthy, sustainable planet that is no longer dependent on combustion technology. It’s time to change the world.

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