Is It Worth Getting a Robot Lawn Mower – 2024 Guide

Living in the 21st century implies being a part of the age of technology and innovation. The rate at which new tech is being developed is staggering and nothing of this magnitude has really been seen in human history. What was thought to be a centuries’ worth of progress is packed within a decade. Just remember what the world used to look like in the year 2000 and now. Just over two decades into the 3rd millennium, and the planet is already unrecognizable, albeit dependent on modern software and hardware.

This innovation stretches from all the different industries to personal homes as everything is connected, smart, and automated. Science fiction novels and movies from half a century ago could not have even predicted the things we have now. All it takes is for you to take a look around an average modern home. Start counting gadgets, devices, and appliances that can be connected and programmed to do things for you. Pairing everything up through mobile phones and using voice controls for the lights, blinds, kitchen appliances, and entertainment is how the world works right now.

Modernized Home Maintenance


But what about home maintenance? Is there a way to make it easier for homeowners to tend to their home’s needs as well as those of the garden surrounding it? The tasks and chores that one has to do around the home are more complex and delicate, as well as dangerous. However, that does not mean none of it is robotized. For example, robot lawn mowers now exist. Not only that, but they are quite a popular thing to own if you have a lawn you like to keep nice and short.

Cutting grass is not the hardest thing in the world and it can actually be relaxing and fun. Not everyone has enough time on their hands though so something like this is of great help. If you need help in this area of your life, worry not and stress no further. In the article here we are going to talk about robot lawn mowers and whether they are worth it or not. Think of it as a guide that will help you make a decision and be ready for spring and summer when your lawn starts to shine again. If you require additional info about robot lawn mowers, click for more.

What Are They?


You probably know about robot vacuum cleaners that independently go around the home and vacuum everything in their path. The cute round gadgets have been around for years now and they are quite popular. The smart tech that powers them allows these vacuums to look for dust, specs, fibers, and hairs all on their own. They even go back to their charging station when they are close to being empty. Well, robot lawn mowers are the same type of thing only for mowing lawns and not vacuuming. The devices look a lot alike, usually a round little thing with wheels and a lot of delicate equipment inside of their bodies. They will navigate your lawn, figure out where it ends thanks to sensors, and give you a freshly cut grass area without you ever doing a thing. If you already have a robotic vacuum, you surely know exactly how great and useful something like this can be.

Features that Make Them Useful


Now that we have shed some light on what they are, let us help you determine whether or not you really need it. Owning a lawn mower unit like this certainly has its benefits. They are quite sturdy, independent, and their batteries last long because they consume little power. Although they work best on flat to fairly surfaces, you can use them up to 35% slopes, which is from 15 to 20 degrees. These units are great because you can choose cutting lengths as well as how often they go about their business. They will not hit trees or flower pots as long as you put the boundary wires appropriately. Some do not even need it as their sensors are quite strong and precise.

Robot lawn mowers are also very safe, so much so in fact that they turn off when lifted or tilted. The blades also retract if it hits something and needs to turn. They are also very quiet and subtle, a huge plus when compared to regular noisy mowers. Rain sensors send the unit back to the charging station until the skies get clearer and conditions improve. Some can keep cutting in the rain too and are completely rainproof. With all of that being said, are they still worth it?

It Comes Down to Your Needs


Well, the titular issue of this article falls upon each individual and their lawn mowing needs. If you are very busy and there is nobody else available to care for your lawn, you will have great use of a robot lawn mower unit. If you have free time on your hands, you do not really require it as you can do this chore twice a month by yourself. Things change if you do not enjoy cutting grass, or any chore for that matter, and want every second of your free time for yourself. Programming it to do the task for you in such a scenario feels like a lifesaver. It will take a few hours of mowing time to complete the lawn of some 2,000 square feet on average, plus recharging time if it needs any.

As with many other modern tech, the biggest issue with these novelty mowers is the price. They tend to range from around $700 dollars for the base models that are not that capable, to a few thousand dollars for average, all-around units that most people browse. This makes them multiple times more expensive than regular self-propelled gas or electric mowers. They come with all the features you will benefit from and your lawn will indeed look great, no thanks to you.

Joking aside, they could be worth it money-wise too if you care about the long run. You will only need to set aside around $25 per year in operating costs, for the power it takes to recharge it. There will be no need for landscapers anymore, or gas for your traditional mower. There is no noise and smell either. Your grass carpet will look much better and cleaner with a robot mower. Prices remain the biggest issue here, but that is the curse of 21st century tech that makes our lives better.

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