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Jim Irsay Net Worth 2024

The Indianapolis Colts held one of the most impressive records in the 2013 NFL season before being defeated in the Playoffs. Their star quarterback Andrew Luck has lived up to his name and given the team a new life after the team traded their longtime franchise qb Peyton Manning. Things were starting to look up for the team until their owner Jim Irsay did the stupidest thing a man in his position could do. Jim Irsay faces four felony counts after being arrested for driving under the influence and drug possession in March. His net worth is at a staggering $1.6 billion and the team earned record breaking profits in 2013. Irsay also has clout in not only the world of sports but the political arena with his ties to Harry Reid and John Edwards so what is going on?

Jim Irsay was born outside of Chicago. He was raised by his Jewish father and Polish mother. He and his siblings Thomas and Roberta were raised Catholic. They grew up financially better than most. His father Robert Irsay was a Chicago businessman who bought failing businesses and turned them around to sell them for profit. He acquired ownership of the then Baltimore Colts in 1972 and remained the teams owner until his death in 1997. Robert moved the Colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis in 1984.


Jim grew up surrounded by football through his father’s affiliation with the NFL. Irsay had a passion for the sport and attempted to establish himself as a professional player. In school he displayed impressive athletic ability playing linebacker for Southern Methodist University. But due to an injury his dream was cut short. But it was all good his father had pretty much lead a pathway for Jim to eventually become part owner of an NFL team. It was no surprise that he would grow up to take over his father’s team. His brother died from a mental illness in 1999 and his sister died in a car accident in 1971 so Jim had full ownership of the team at 37 years old. It was a big position to fill and empire he was ready to take over. After legal wranglings with his step mother who sued for partial ownership today Jim controls 100% of the team.

Irsay married Meg Coyle in 1980 and the couple had three children.

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