Krishen Iyer and MAIS Consulting Focus on Helping More People Get Insurance Through the ACA

Marketing is an extremely valuable area for any business, and the right consulting can help companies understand how to market more successfully. Good marketing adds quality to the business and improves the customer experience. Krishen Iyer, Carlsbad, CA-based entrepreneur and owner of MAIS Consulting is embarking on a new marketing venture.

Now, he heads up MAIS Insurance & Consulting, which adds marketing value and more. As he moves into interacting with the ACA (Affordable Care Act), Iyer is helping his customers become healthier. MAIS has received first-round funding and is now focused on a second round to keep its vision growing.

Throughout the next year, Krishen Iyer plans to take MAIS to the top of the industry, making it a leader and increasing its market share. That will provide additional help for residents of 23 states. Among the reasons MAIS’s new direction is taking off so well is the value and strength of its marketing.

A Strong Customer Base Requires Time to Build


When customers look for products or services, they also look for the right company to provide those things. Krishen Iyer understands that focus, which leads him to the careful marketing of everything he does. People can make their own choices, and showing them why to choose him is the goal.

Without the right marketing, says Iyer, it’s very easy to overlook even very good quality products and services. Marketing is what gives people information about the things they’re looking for. Bad marketing can drive customers away before they even give the product or service a try.

Whether he’s at his home base in Carlsbad, CA, or traveling, Krishen Iyer is always focused on his goals and plans for the future. That includes the marketing of MAIS Insurance & Consulting and how it can help people who need coverage through the ACA. With MAIS working its way into the insurance field, more marketing will be a big consideration.

Proper marketing will not only help the company grow but will encourage people who need more from the ACA to reach out. A lot of people don’t have proper medical coverage and could be getting more than they have. With MAIS in the picture, there’s now more potential for these people to get help and support in a total of 23 states.

According to Iyer and many other people in the consulting business, proper marketing goes hand-in-hand with good prediction. Right now, that prediction isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago. The world has changed a lot, and being in the business of prediction is harder now.

However, prediction is still important. The goal is to make the prediction as reliable as possible and then use that prediction to create marketing. With good prediction, the marketing will give customers what they need.

Companies Should Focus on Customers’ Interests


One of the most vital areas of company growth is understanding what customers want. Without that, companies are lost when it comes to providing value. But what the market will accept also matters. Customers can’t always get everything they want, and sometimes the market only supports limited options.

What’s stopping people from getting the care and support they want and need? With the ACA, Krishen Iyer is aware that limited healthcare options present an obstacle for many. By working to add to the options people have, those people can be healthier and accomplish more. However, understanding the market and how to approach it also matters.

A product or service has to be viable, or a company won’t survive by creating it. For people who need insurance and medical care, the ACA is often a starting point. Still, there’s not enough for many people who need this option, and it doesn’t work for everyone. Getting support and having more options can improve the quality of life for many.

Because Krishen Iyer is already familiar with marketing and consulting for companies, he can use that understanding to focus on bringing more value to ACA customers. The increase in value these customers receive from additional insurance services can mean the ability for them to do more with their life.

Krishen Iyer Knows Good Prediction Can Increase Value


A big part of marketing this new venture and anything else is prediction. Companies need to be clear on what direction to take, and that starts with predicting customer behavior. The changes that have taken place in society and the economy have made those predictions more complicated and less accurate.

Now, predicting what people will do with health insurance and medical needs isn’t as easy as it once was. Fortunately, though, Iyer is very dedicated to understanding people and what they need. Adding support to the ACA will very likely improve quality of life for a significant number of people. If that prediction is accurate, MAIS may see explosive growth.

By allowing people to do more and get proper care with less stress, MAIS can help customers in the 23 states where it focuses its reach. If predictions about customer behavior are incorrect, though, it’s possible the consulting business won’t have the expected successful outcome. Currently, MAIS is already seeing rapid growth and significant investor interest.

Being backed by Krishen Iyer is a big benefit for MAIS, because Iyer’s reputation and abilities in the consulting field are notable. Now the goal is to see the best way for MAIS to continue to evolve, and provide more value for its customers.

There are Some Concerns With Prediction, Says Krishen Iyer

Accuracy is a highly significant part of marketing and consulting. However, a lot of that is based on prediction, and prediction isn’t an exact science. According to Krishen Iyer, businesses without proper consulting can struggle to see success. These businesses need knowledge and information but also a strong awareness of the customer journey.

Looking into the direction the market is heading is one of the ways to predict patterns and future changes. However, it’s not the only way to get a good idea of the kinds of considerations a company should have. That’s why MAIS Consulting is so focused on the ACA and the ways the company can help make things better for those who need insurance and medical care.

Offering changes and adjustments keeps businesses growing and also keeps customers happier with the options they have. This is an area where Iyer excels, with a deep understanding of how to provide more value for customers by helping businesses advance.

The Future is Far From Set in Stone


Predicting the future isn’t easy, and it’s not really something that can be fully done. Instead, predictions are based on what’s happened in the past and how that might be translated to the future. The ACA has now been around long enough to make predictions based on it easier to consider, which helps Krishen Iyer make wise choices for the future of MAIS.

Seeing potential issues and planning for them is the way to reduce problems, even if those problems can’t be entirely eliminated. Preparedness is extremely valuable, and having the right insurance options is a part of that. With Iyer’s focus on the future of MAIS and its interaction with the ACA, customers may see a brighter, safer, and more secure future for their healthcare needs.

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