7 Most Popular Applications of Laser Cutting and Engraving Systems in 2024

This year is slowly coming to an end. It is a period when companies make plans for next year. In addition to finances, a significant part of these plans includes the marketing and promotion of the company for the next period. Those plans usually talk about how much of the budget will be allocated to promote the company through advertising, social media promotion, and production of printed or engraved material. The most common form of promotion that companies opt for is the printing or engraving of materials. This is a good concept because it usually prints materials that are used after they are received or are materials that we are often in contact with. Flyers, posters, notebooks, but mostly pens — these are the most common promotional materials that are printed and engraved. Of course, printing and engraving also include services and final works that are not intended for professional use of companies, but private use. When placing orders, customers often avoid regular forms and want something completely new, something unseen.

Made of wood, plastic, metal, and even stone. There is a long list of materials that can be shaped by choice and printed, but most often engraved. Why so? This is because the engraving is the best solution when we do something that we want to last and the inscription is not easily destroyed. For example, if we make a plaque for honor, it is much better to engrave it than to print it because the letters will disappear over time, and if we engrave the material, they will last longer.

But we should keep in mind the fact that we need to find a quality service that offers perfect workmanship and realization of our wishes and requirements. This means that we need to choose a company with long experience, many clients, successful collaborations behind us, and a rich portfolio. We need to choose a brand for manufacturing that has enough experience, whether it is some final products or a larger quantity of final products. We say this because no matter what the quantity is, we could not shape or engrave the product ourselves and make it look perfect. That is why we need machine work that guarantees us the appearance of the final product.

According to Lasit, these crafts can be applied to many surfaces and materials. There are many options for a creatively different product, but also a product with a quality look and way of making. In this article we present the 7 most popular choices:

1. Production of promotional materials


Materials intended for promotional purposes with corporate content are one of the most sought final items. They vary according to the quantity in which they are ordered, the shape, the appearance, the colors, but they are also included in the design that should be applied to them. This usually includes notebooks, pens, watches, calendars, and various other items used in the corporate presentation to co-workers and clients.

2. Branding of corporate vehicles

Corporate vehicles are an integral part of every company for transporting leaders, for business trips, and for similar occasions. For that reason, every company acquires them in a certain period and owns them. After their purchase, each company decides on its branding. The branding of the vehicles is done primarily for the sake of recognizability, separation, and refined appearance. For that reason, the companies decide to brand the vehicles, some kind of engraving or branding with various already made shapes and letters of Plexiglas material, etc.

3. Making plaques, awards, and recognitions


Companies and institutions often know how to organize an event that selects the best boss, employee, and even clients. In that honor, they often decide to make Corporate awards or recognition that will be given to the winner at the event. Apart from them, such works are made for school competitions, cultural events, sports competitions, state honors, and similar events that feature people for special contributions in a field. Different medals, plaques, statuettes in different shapes and materials can be made depending on the purpose and character of the event.

4. Accessories

The choice and the possibility of making various accessories are too big. From gifts for the loved one in the shape of a heart with engraved dates and names on it to making a decorative sculpture to enhance the look of the home. Virtually every wish can be turned into reality. Offers include picture frames, pendants, money boxes, decorative flower pots, WELCOME signs, and many more choices for home, garden, workplace, or vehicle. Even if you have an idea for a product, you can submit it to the manufacturer to turn it into a real visible, and tangible product.

5. Engraving car parts


This is the most popular option for car and car parts manufacturers. Sometimes it is necessary to enter the dimensions, series, origin, etc. on the final product (car part). A concrete example of car engraving is the engraving of the vehicle chassis on the component itself under the hood.

6. Engraving of final products

Final product is any product that is produced for further single or multiple uses. That category of products includes many products and product categories. You can list household products, high technology, motor vehicles, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to engrave the name, the material of manufacture, the series, the origin of the product itself, but the most important are the usage information that should be engraved so as not to be deleted. This information must always be on the product itself to facilitate full-time further use of the product.

7. Making signs and signboards


A very important point to pay much attention to. This is because they are boards with official names and information of businesses, state institutions, agencies, funds, and the like. It can be stated that this includes traffic signs and other signs and signposts that help people navigate. They are made in different shapes, from different materials, and have different looks, so this technique is ideal for making them.

This is the right technique that every individual and every business or institution needs. It offers a lot of opportunities and creativity, and we hope that it will help you to turn your ideas into a final product, exactly as you imagined it.

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