Here’s what we can Learn About Philanthropy from Dave Bolno

Sometimes life has to put us in uncomfortable situations to learn some important lessons and become better people after it.

Who is David Bolno?

Bolno is a renowned music manager who has worked with stars like Drake and Post Malone. His work varies from classic management to partnerships in large projects. One such is the collaboration with Drake for the huge mansion in Canada, and you can find out more details if you only click here.


However, this experience motivated him to begin a personal transformation and become a philanthropist. He is dedicated to his clients, but even more so to people in need, as well as to improving education. He is a great example that even tragic life events can take you in a direction you would never have imagined possible.

Inspired to make a difference and help others, he turned his attention to philanthropy. Read more to see who he was before the incident and how his life developed afterward.

How can you use this example?

The next step was his commitment to education, especially in marginalized groups. Through his philanthropic efforts, he aimed to create opportunities and remove barriers for those seeking knowledge and skills.

The famous manager already had a huge network of acquaintances and contacts through which he could fulfill his philanthropic goals. Of course, he does this through partnerships, scholarships, and educational projects. In addition to funding, he often uses his experience to educate young people.

In any other case, you will not be able to realize yourself as a philanthropist – because these people give but are not guided by the fact that they should get something in return. This is actually the concept of philanthropy, and Bolno applies it all very well in building an image.

But still, the question remains:

What exactly does it mean to be a philanthropist?


David Bolno’s example is just one of many worldwide where a famous person uses his connections, free time, money, and expertise to promote good intentions and help people. It can be advanced educational programs, social projects, improvement of the environment, or classic humanitarian actions.

He became painfully inspired by his life and decided that he should devote time and interest to certain parts of social life. But the role of these people does not stop there. Philanthropists often actively identify problems, fund projects, advocate for change, and work collaboratively with nonprofits or NGOs.

Most often, the contribution is financial, but there are many examples when the philanthropist invests time and skills. In short, it is about acts of kindness and devotion, even when not expected of a particular person. And the goal is always to help those who need it most.

Could you be a philanthropist too?

Philanthropy involves investing a lot of money in high humanitarian goals. But it is enough just to be kind and devoted to those who need help. In a way, it is also a sign of philanthropy.

To get involved in any similar project, always start from the nearest environment. It can be shelters for pets, homes for children, support centers for marginalized groups, or humanitarian actions. You don’t have to donate all the money you have, of course. You can start with limited amounts and learn what it’s like to be humane. By doing so, you lay the foundations for becoming a philanthropist in the future.



The example of Bolno is only one, but it is very inspiring. We hope that you, too, will be motivated to help others, even if it is just a little, to begin with. With the help of small steps, you will understand the concept of philanthropy, and you will be able to be the best version of yourself.

And isn’t that the ultimate goal of every living being on this planet?

Try because you have nothing to lose, and you can gain immense respect and affection from people who may be able to help you when you need it.

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