Learn History with These Exciting Apps in 2024

The saying holds true, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. There are no two ways about it. History is an important subject that each one of us must strive to learn more of. Too bad, it can get extremely boring really fast.

Many people find themselves snoozing to anything remotely connected to history because the way it’s presented is too dry. Bombarding your mind with tons of dates and names is not the way to go. What is likely to happen in this case is that you forget all that you’ve learned so far defeating the goal of the exercise. However, thanks to technology you have some great tools at your disposal to learn from. We’re sure you’d like to explore them so we’ve compiled a list of some great apps for you. Be sure to give them a try. You’ll find yourself falling in love them we guarantee!

1. History for Kids: All Civilizations Games Premium


You learn the best when you’re having fun which is why this app is so great. It integrates the educational aspect so well that you won’t even realize how much information you’re taking in. You get to discover the Ancient World through games activities and videos. You get to go on adventures to various countries like India, Japan and China and learn about the civilizations that once lived there. You can learn about Mesopotamia, the Indus valley civilization, the Greeks, and even the Mayans! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Whether you’re a child or a grownup, you’ll enjoy this using this app.

2. Ancient Rome for Kids

The ancient city of Rome holds many of humanity’s secrets. This is where the gladiators fought to the death, this is from whence Caeser set forth his armies to conquer the world and where the seeds of modern democracy were laid. Given how important a role it played in the modern world, exploring ancient Rome is a must and with this app it becomes easier and fun. Targeted towards a younger audience, it offers tons of information packed in fun games that’ll have you hooked to the app and before you know it, you’ll know all there is to know about this glorious period of human history.

3. American Revolution Interactive Timeline for iPad

With over 400 years of American history, you have so many dates and names to memorize. This is not easy especially when finals are around the corner. Packing so much information over so little time is a recipe for disaster which is why you should make use of this app.

With each piece of information accompanied with unique images and relics, you’ll have a better time memorizing it all. Developed by The Museum of the American Revolution, this app brings the museum to your home, giving you an almost hands-on experience. This appealing mode of study makes learning exciting and ensures you do some reading on a daily basis.

4. Back in Time

Before humans roamed the earth, there were many majestic creatures that wandered these vast lands. What’s more, these lands weren’t static either, coming closer together to form a super continent like the Pangea to moving away and forming the layout we are used to today, the history of this planet is fascinating. Each mountain and each river have a story to tell if you’re interested in listening.

Back in Time lets you explore and learn about it all with ease. It takes you back to when it all began showing you the most primitive organisms and how life began. If you’re a history junkie, this is an app you’re sure to enjoy.

5. Ben Franklin’s World


Podcasts are a great way to learn. Just plop some earphones on your commute and you’ll be able to utilize the duration of the trip to learn something. When it comes to you learning American history though, there is no better platform than Ben Franklin’s World. You get a huge assortment of podcasts on various topics and time periods that you can stream, download, and play offline.

Apart from the recordings, you get tons of other useful resources like notes and a community that you can grow with. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you’ll find this app worthwhile and given that the community consists of both, you know you’ll have great people with whom you can have an intellectual conversation.

6. Civilizations AR

Today’s children have advanced technologies like never before at their fingertips. Augmented Reality (AR) is a game changer and with apps and software using it increasingly in their design, they’re becoming mainstream fast. The thing about AR though is it merges the real with the virtual seamlessly which helps creativity manifest in the physical world in new ways and helps you explore difficult topics with ease. Reading or hearing about history is fun but with AR you can see it. The pictures are no longer 2-D and artefacts are no longer stuck in museums.

With the Civilizations AR app, you can see them on your phone against the backdrop of your living room and marvel at the finer points pictures may have missed. If this is something you find interesting make sure you check out this app.

Final Words

These are some of the best history apps out there. Learning about the past has never been this interesting or fun and if you’re used to getting bored during class and doze off, you know what to do now. Figure out what it is you want to learn and how you want to do, whether it’s through games or podcasts, and download the app that does that for you. All you need is a good internet connection which you can easily find on Buytvinternetphone and your everyday activities can turn into learning opportunities. You can stream and download content on the go. Taking a walk in the park or commuting to and from work each second provides you with an opportunity to learn and grow so go ahead and seize the day!

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