8 Lighting & Decor Tips for Your Home Office in 2024

We’re working from home now more than ever, and even when life gets back to normal many of us will never return to regular office life. While you may think that you just have to make do with whatever space you’ve been able to cobble together, you actually can make your home office a spot you love to get work done in, even when space is limited.

1. Pick a location you’ll love


You’re going to spend most of your waking hours five days a week here, so don’t damage your own mental health and productivity by sticking yourself in a rarely used guest room or glorified closet. Sure, you might not have an extra room waiting to be taken, but there’s no reason you can’t give a room multiple uses. You can check out StellarLighting for all you need.

That guest room that can’t be gotten rid of? Install a Murphy bed so you can still have a place for guests while giving yourself plenty of room in which to work. They’re more comfortable than ever and you shouldn’t sacrifice your day to day life to accommodate people who will only be using the room not even a tenth of the time you will.

2. Choose lighting that satisfies both form and function

There’s nothing that says office lighting has to be boring and ugly! Lighting retailers like Stylish Direct will have plenty of floor lamps, ceiling lights, and table lamps available that both look great and provide you with all the illumination you’ll need to get your work done.

With the amount of time you’ll be spending working from home, putting thought into lights you’ll enjoy looking at should not be forgotten. Creating an environment you love being in will make you more productive and the money will be well spent.

3. Don’t cheap out when selecting your chair


You’re going to spend close to eight hours, and very likely more there each and every workday, so why in the world do so many people bargain hunt when picking a chair for their home office? Obviously, there’s no reason to splurge and spend unnecessarily (that will hamstring you on your other decorating choices).

Still, there’s an abundance of reasonably priced chairs in the one to two hundred dollar range which are exceedingly comfortable and highly durable, not to mention stylish. If you’re able to find something cheaper that feels nice and seems like it’ll last, then great. Your time spent shopping will go much quicker though if you begin your search in the mid-range priced chairs.

4. Paint the walls something bright and cheery

The human mind is easily manipulated, so use that to your advantage by creating a home office that works in your favor! Avoid dark colors, as they’re known to drain people’s energy and make rooms feel more cramped and small. Place your workspace in a room like that and you’ll be begging to get out by lunchtime.

On the other hand, painting the walls of your home work space in a bright, soft, and light color will subtly give you a boost of energy and make the room feel more spacious. Creating an inviting environment to get things done in will make the time go more quickly and you’ll be more productive during your time spent there.

5. Take advantage of floating shelves


There’s no law that says all storage needs to grow outward, so why do so many shelving options only work that way? For your stowing requirements, think vertical not horizontal! You’ll keep things feeling roomy and preserve your home office’s limited footprint.

Floating shelves can be a fantastic option here too. You won’t take up any floor space, and you’ll be hard pressed to find storage space that looks better than these. There’s an abundance of these available at most home retailers, or you can make some yourself without much trouble.

6. Treat yourself to a nice view

If you’re able, select a room which has windows with a beautiful view. Natural light and a view of the outdoors will make the time go faster, and you’ll be more relaxed while working. Placing your desk right against the window, with some light curtains would be a great option.

Windowless room all you have to go with? Not a problem! You can still make the most of things by decorating your walls with lots of pictures of whatever makes you happy. Try a mixture of photos of family and friends, as well as nature scenes or art pieces you love.

7. Keep your cords out of sight


Nothing can ruin the look of a nicely decorated room faster than a plethora of unsightly cords running every which way. Obviously, though, they’re a necessity in today’s digital world to keep all of our devices operating and charged up.

Keep things looking beautiful by spending just a little time running your cords properly. First, try to place equipment close to outlets if that’s an option. Next, use things like desk grommets and carefully placed cable ties to keep your cords together and running exactly where you’d like.

8. Don’t forget to inspire yourself

We’ve already talked a bit about keeping photos and other items you enjoy looking at in your home office, but you don’t need to stop at just wall decorations. Do you have a treasured item from your honeymoon or when a child was born? Place it on your desk to remind you and give you a little inspiration when you need it the most.

You can even use it to not just remind you of things from the past, but also of what you’d like in the future. Frame a picture of your dream home or dream location spot, and hang it right on the wall behind your workspace. Combining this with your treasured memories should give you all the extra oomph you need to get through those dreary parts of the day.

You should now have all the knowledge you need to transform your home office from dreary to wonderful. With a little careful thought and planning, you can use these tips to make it a spot that’s both enjoyable to be in and also where you get things done.

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