Lights in Mexican Storm May be UFO Recharging on Lightning CLIP

As New Horizons chugs past Pluto powered by 24 pounds of plutonium-238 and the solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 airplane sits grounded in Hawaii for at least nine months because of battery damage sustained during its record 118-hour flight from Japan, one wonders what type of fuel might power alien spacecrafts visiting Earth and how they might refuel. Could they charge their batteries from a lightning bolt? That’s what appears to be happening in a video that surfaced recently of a fleet of UFOs (or possibly one large one) in a storm over Mexico.

The poster of the video doesn’t give much information on the date or location of the sighting. During the first minute, the lights appear to be individual orbs in a stationary formation in the clouds. They don’t seem to be affected by the storm. As the lightning occurs, it appears to be reflected off of the UFO lights.

The scene changes in the second minute when an intense strike illuminates the area and shows that the orbs may actually be lights on one large ship. Shortly after that, the video ends as it sounds like the camera battery ironically needs charging.

The initial formation of the lights draws obvious comparisons to the Phoenix lights, but the fact that they are in a storm suggests that they cannot be explained away as military flares, while the sudden appearance of a large ship causes one to wonder if something more than alien observation is going on there … like refueling via lightning or electrical storm impulses.

With the challenges we’re facing developing powerful and long-lasting batteries, reusable energy and alternative fuels, let’s use these lights over Mexico – whatever they are and whatever they were doing – to charge our discussions about powering long-term space flights.

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