Top 3 Local SEO Things You Should Be Doing to Boost Your Company

Have you ever heard someone say that ‘all businesses local’? It’s true, at least to some extent. Some of the world’s largest corporations started out as small businesses catering to a local audience. That’s why local SEO services are so vital to maintaining a productive online presence.

Whether a company pays for local SEO services or handles SEO in-house, local is critically important.

Local SEO services are on the menu at Webtek Digital Marketing. As a Salt Lake City SEO and digital marketing firm, they work with all sorts of local businesses to drive traffic, increase sales, and strengthen brands. They have a sister office in Austin, TX.

Webtek says that local SEO utilizes some of the same techniques as general SEO. But they also say there are a few strategies unique to a local focus. Below are three of them, and your company should absolutely be doing them if you want maximum local exposure.

1. Maintaining a Google My Business Page

Google My Business

It is no secret that Google is the world’s most dominant search engine. Google drives internet traffic. It’s that simple.

If you want to see strong local search performance (and why wouldn’t you?) you absolutely must have a Google My Business page. You also need to maintain that page for accuracy.

The most important aspect of your Google My Business page is what industry experts referred to as NAP: name, address, and phone.

The business listing Google automatically generates from your Google My Business page will include NAP. If the information is outdated or incomplete, your business listing will suffer. Your local SEO performance will also suffer as a result.

Another key to remember is the name of your business. How you list it in your Google My Business account is exactly how it will appear in your Google business listing. Make sure it matches the name on your website so that there is no conflict.

2. Generate Website Citations

Website Citations

Once you complete your Google My Business page listing, Google will start scouring the net looking for other pages that cite your business. What does this tell you?

That you need to get busy about generating website citations. A citation is simply a mention of your business on another site.

Concentrate on generating citations on well-respected websites like Facebook and Yelp. Don’t waste your time with obscure websites until the big boys cite your business.

Also note there are automated tools that make generating citations easier. Use one.

3. Solicit Positive Reviews


Google gives a lot of weight to genuine consumer reviews. You can dramatically increase your local SEO performance by soliciting positive reviews from your customers. It is best to have them place those reviews directly in Google Maps.

They can do so by putting the app on their phones, pulling up a local map, finding your business, and tapping on it. They can rate your business and write a quick review right from the listing.

Whenever a customer complements you on your products or services, encourage that person to leave a review. Use the checkout experience to ask for reviews. Put up signs; put notes on your receipts; do whatever it takes to get happy customers to leave Google Maps reviews. They will boost your business page to the top.

Webtek Digital Marketing and its competitors offer local SEO services because they know how critically important the local customer base is. For many companies, there would be no business if not for local customers. This suggests putting adequate time and resources into implementing the best local SEO practices.

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