An Essential Guide for Maintaining Your Outdoor Speakers

When it comes to the outdoor spaces for your home, you should give them equal importance like your indoor space. For example, instead of chilling inside during the summer months, you can step outside and spend quality time with your friends and family. Outdoor spaces can be decorated with lights, audio technology, and comfortable sitting arrangements.

Audio technology for outdoor spaces

When it comes to audio technology for outdoor spaces, speakers come in quite handy. They are available in various models and brands. To get the right ones for your outdoor space, you need to ensure they are of the correct size and volume.

An essential guide for buying outdoor speakers for your home

Given below are some essential tips to help you buy outdoor speakers for your home-

1. Check their resistance to the weather elements –


There are several outdoor speakers who state they are resistant to the outdoor climate and suited for the region you live in. Make sure that you buy those that have passed stringent quality tests. Purchase them from credible brands in the market known for their quality, functionality, and durability. When you are about to buy the outdoor speakers, read the package carefully. If you buy them from websites, read their product description, check their online ratings, and what other customers have to say about them.

2. Keep the cones of the outdoor speakers down –

You certainly do not want them to face down to the ground by any means. However, if you tilt the cones of your speakers down, this helps in drainage, especially when the weather is bad. Moreover, when the speakers’ cones face downwards, they do not fill up like cereal bowls. Instead, the water drains off on its own.

3. MP3, amplifier, or receiver –


This choice purely depends upon what you need and are looking for. Your choice will determine the intensity and the quality of the sound you like to get outside. There are simple models to plug in your iPod and start listening to the music you want. Again, some models give you excellent sound with all the highs and lows of the music intact. Of course, for the latter experience, you might need to purchase some additional accessories to go with your speakers to ensure you get the sound you want.

4. The 10 Feet Rule –

Remember the 10 Feet Rule when you are placing outdoor speakers at home. These ones need to be about 10 feet away from the home’s patio or main outdoor space for the family. In this way, you can get excellent sound without fiddling too much with the system. However, if you have a larger space, you can also place the speakers about 12 feet apart if you want to.

These are just some of the essential tips to keep in mind when you invest in outdoor speakers for your home. Simply buying them is not enough. You also need to know how to maintain them as well. So, let us look at some key outdoor maintenance tips below-

Reasons for maintenance

If you have outdoor speakers, proper maintenance and upkeep become mandatory to keep them safe and free from problems. You might have to replace it if you do not cover it appropriately. However, you may find resilient models available in the market that are weatherproof and waterproof. However, outdoor speakers are not generally weatherproof. It requires little to moderate maintenance, or else you have to spend your money on buying new ones.

Check user guidelines


There are various user guidelines available on the digital platform, which you can use for your speaker maintenance. It will provide you with relevant data regarding the safe use of speakers and their proper maintenance. For example, if you keep them indoors, you do not have to think about their coverage. However, outdoor speakers require proper placement, careful wiring, and consistent maintenance.

Facts that will keep your speaker functional

Primarily, you must understand the importance of covering the speaker. It not only protects them from dust and pollution but also extreme climatic variation. For the proper placement, you have to take care of the following points:

• Cleaning and inspection:

Based on your usage of speakers, you have to perform inspections regularly. It will ensure the proper working of them. The point applies to both indoor and outdoor speakers. You have to keep checking that there is no obstruction in the wiring, audio quality, outward appearance, etc. You may save a check on the operation guide that you get with the speaker. As far as possible, remove the outer covering and check for any signs of damage. Removing rocks, debris, bugs, and sandy particles from inside is your responsibility. Apart from cleaning the speaker’s exterior, you have to keep the area adjacent to the speaker tidy.

• Wire maintenance:

The wires are weak spots of outdoor speakers. You have to take precautions for its proper operation. Leaving the cables exposed may damage the element. Ensure that the wiring is perfectly sealed and there is no loose connection. You may use silicone beads for filling the entire length and keeping it out of bugs and moisture. Any exposure to saltwater may be detrimental to your speaker. For this, you may use custom speaker covers from, which are available in different sizes and prices. They come with various benefits. These materials are durable and water-resistant. Hence, their application will be beneficial for your speaker.

• Proper protection:

If the speaker does not come with waterproof characteristics, regular checks are required. You have to protect the speaker from extreme elements when they get installed in the outdoor area. Checking the wall mount and bracket will ensure secure fastening.

Moreover, you have to ensure that the speaker does not get exposed to the sun’s direct rays.
In addition to this, various tricks may be beneficial for the proper care of the speaker. By adding the protection, you not only take care of them but also your finances. In freezing weather, adequate sealing of the speaker becomes mandatory. The resilience of the speaker depends upon your proper maintenance.

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