5 Tips on How to Make Field Teams Safer & More Efficient

Every employer has trouble finding new employees, but that’s nothing compared to keeping a good employee. If you are an entrepreneur, make sure that people from your company come to work happy every day. Don’t let the salary be their only motivation. In addition, it is important to be someone who is worthy of their respect. Think about how you lead, what tasks you give them and whether they are worth completing from the employees’ point of view.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that it is necessary to constantly look for new ways to maintain and increase productivity and motivate the employee to give his maximum. Teamwork is key to the company’s success and grouping employees contributes to creating a community. However safety environment is equally important. It is also the foundation for building a team mentality, so be careful how you build it.

1. Motivate employees


Did you know that a company’s success and productivity are directly related to employee motivation? For example, if you want to set big goals, you need to set bigger targets and desired strength. However, your employees will not be able to meet your expectations unless you give them something more than a salary in return. Your task is to take care of them. You should enable them to achieve their goals as well and you will create a better climate. One of the ways in which you can meet their needs and provide them with a suitable working environment is the implementation of educational programs.

You will give them a reason to come to work happier every day, and thus they will have more energy and will to work hard. Otherwise, you will get disgruntled employees who will slack off at work and only have a bad effect on collective productivity. The solution is to monitor their productivity and apply methods to positively influence them. For example, compare their performance with the costs they bring to your organization. That way, you can quantify worker productivity and create clearly defined standards for their performance.

2. Support their work

By providing appropriate support to employees, you resolve any potential team issues. In that case, your HR service will help you, because it is the only solution to a series of challenges that await you. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can fully understand the context of each problem and quickly find a customized solution. This mainly relates to employee issues and personalized solutions. If you help them overcome them, you’ll get employees who will be more focused on the job at hand. When they realize how much they are valued in the company, they will be more engaged.

This is especially important if you are forming new teams or getting new members. The first month is the period during which you build a relationship. Prepare the plan well and divide it into different phases. The team must feel comfortable with individuals doing their best to meet the company’s goals. Give the perfect welcome to new members. It is recommended that you do it in person or via emails. Give them tips, guidelines and many other details.

3. Give certain employees authority


In small businesses, you will often see entrepreneurs who are multitasking. This also applies to management. However, this approach is wrong on so many levels including safety and productivity. It should be shared with other employees, but first assess their capabilities. For example, assign different tasks to employees to assess who will best lead teams. Next, assign each leader this title. In this way, you will free management from too much work, and this will result in more efficient management of business processes.

A prerequisite is that you have an excellent knowledge of the skills of employees. It is also important that they do tasks they like and are good at. Don’t encourage them to step out of their comfort zone or skill set. It will have a bad effect on the whole organization. Find a way to match tasks to their abilities.

4. Establish clear communication

Regardless of company policy and your work schedule, you must have two-way communication with your employees. This means that you will be open to their comments, criticisms, needs and requests. In order to succeed in this, you need to prevent any kind of misunderstanding. The cause of the misunderstanding is precisely the lack of communication. That is why your most important task is to create channels in the company that will enable free communication between management and employees. For example, you can opt for personal access, phone calls, video calls, etc.

One of the great tools are the mobile apps such as ProntoForms, which will help you minimize your visits to the office. It contains a number of features that facilitate everyday tasks and communication. For example, there are maps and time stamps, document scanning and many others. Speaking of communication, don’t forget to define your goals well and say them out loud. Otherwise, teams will work in the wrong direction and not deliver the results you want, all because of misunderstandings.

5. Organize educational programs and encourage self-reflection


The ability to reflect is a prerequisite for team development. Efficiency is achieved by reflecting on previous projects and achievements. Organize meetings to discuss this topic and evaluate current projects. It won’t take much time, especially if you use advanced technology. The information you get will be very useful for future projects and everyday tasks. You will know how your team is doing and what difficulties you are facing.


Financial investments are not the only way to achieve higher profits within a company. Sometimes it is more effective to use other methods to increase employee productivity. Money and other resources only give you a certain amount of freedom that you have when creating an organizational structure. So, pay attention to some details such as employees’ breaks, technological equipment, motivation, working outside the workplace, and much more. Otherwise, you are risking both employer’s health and your business.

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