What Are the Grounds for Medical Students’ Appeal?

It is very challenging to get into a medical school. However, life at a medical college can be sometimes even more challenging. The academic standards set by medical colleges are often high. And as a result, students have to go through a rigorous course structure along with strict evaluations.

Medical students that fail to meet the academic standards set by medical colleges will be ordered academic probation, a short suspension, or even dismissed. However, these kinds of decisions by medical colleges can be appealed with the help of an attorney. You can check to know more about medical students’ appeal and their procedures.

For now, we will see into the common grounds for medical students’ appeal.

Improper conduct

A student can appeal the decision of the college if the college guidelines or code of conduct have not been properly applied to your case. As an example, a student can appeal if he was not given proper notice or hearing before his suspension. If this is proven, then the college should re-evaluate his case and reverse its decision. Students can also appeal on the basis of improper misconduct if a professor has graded their academic papers incorrectly.

Extenuating circumstances

Medical colleges require extra time to complete certain assignments, such as essay writing or the practice of clinical skills. If a student cannot complete these tasks within the required time limit, then he can appeal and ask for additional time. However, you must prove that your failure to meet the deadline was due to extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances can include the following:

Medical or psychological issues:


If you have been hospitalized for a psychological or a medical condition, then you can ask for additional time to complete your assignments. However, you must be able to prove that your condition is too severe that it affects your performance and your ability to complete the task at hand.

Financial issues:

If you are a financially disadvantaged student, then you can also appeal for financial aid to have additional time to complete your tasks. However, the school officials may be able to judge if your financial situation is extreme enough that it impedes your performance in the school.

Family crisis or unexpected death in the family:

If you are a student whose family just experienced a death in the family, then you should provide proof that the death was unavoidable. If you can prove that your family situation was beyond your control, then the college can provide you with additional time to complete your assignments.

Why Should You Hire a Student Defense Lawyer to Appeal Medical Student Dismissal?

While there are several grounds for medical students to appeal, every case has its own unique aspects and circumstances. Thus, when you hire a student defense lawyer, he can apply the best grounds for your case and appeal on your behalf.

A student defense lawyer will be able to help you with all aspects of your case, such as your academic status, extenuating circumstances, and the appropriate grounds for appeal.


Further, the student defense lawyer will know how to file an appeal so that it will be efficient and quick. He can also educate you on where you should stay when you are suspended and what kind of information to provide while submitting an appeal. In this way, he will help you get a favorable decision from the college officials.

If you have been disciplined by a medical school due to academic or non-academic reasons, then get in touch with a student defense lawyer now.

How to Find the Right Student Defense Lawyer to Appeal Medical Student Dismissal?

When you need the help of a student defense lawyer concerning your appeal, then you will have to be sure to choose the right one.

The student defense lawyer that is recommended by your peers can not guarantee you a favorable decision. In fact, as a medical student, it is your responsibility to ensure that the grounds for appeal are well-founded and legitimate. You should also get advice from various sources and individual recommendations before hiring any attorney.

You need to be careful when looking for a student defense lawyer because not all students’ rights are protected by law. Therefore, make sure that the chosen legal counsel is qualified and experienced in pursuing appeals against Medical Board disciplinary decisions. He should also have a successful history of working and helping his clients.

Lastly, you should also make sure that you choose an attorney who takes your case seriously. You may ask for references from your peers or clients to find out if you can trust the lawyer you are about to hire or not. Ask for references to see how the lawyer handles cases, how responsive they are to their clients, and how they conduct their work. This can help you choose between a student defense lawyer with a great reputation or a student defense lawyer with less experience in the field.


A student defense lawyer should be able to guide you on what kind of appeal you should pursue and which grounds your case qualifies for. He should also know how to file an appeal quickly and efficiently as well as keep it confidential so that your personal data is not leaked during the process.


As a student, it is important to take responsibility for your mistakes, whether they are in the academic or non-academic areas. You should not let your mistakes drag you down and derail your future. Take action now and appeal the decision of the medical school where you are enrolled.

Hire a student defense lawyer today to have your appeal heard by the decision-makers. It is important to get an attorney’s help in appealing dismissal or suspension from medical school because he knows the grounds for appeal and how it should be filed. As a student, you must choose the best legal counsel who is familiar with how everything works in this field. This will be beneficial for you when your case will go before the Medical Board for a final decision.

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