Misconceptions About Temp Agencies and Temporary Staffing Agencies

Not a huge difference lies between temp agencies and temporary agencies, only the opportunities that they have for candidates vary from each other. Both temp and temporary staffing agencies help candidates in finding a job and help companies in finding employees.

Which is better: temp agency or staffing agency?

Both are good but choosing one of them depends on your needs and requirements. Temp agency provides only temporary jobs and they are usually short term whereas staffing agency deals in jobs of all kinds’ i.e. short term or long term.

‘If some staffing or temp agency ask you for a fee then it’s probably a scam, don’t fall for it as all the reliable agencies never ask for money from the candidates because they are paid by the companies’
Misconceptions about these agencies:

In this article I will not go into detail about temp agencies or temporary staffing agencies as they are very popular nowadays and I’m sure you would probably be aware of them, that is why you are here! I have recently come to know about many misconceptions that people have regarding these recruitment agencies, and here I will prove that they are just misconceptions or myths. More information you can find at

If you have also heard of some myths about temp agencies and temporary staffing agencies then clear your head by reading this article. Now, we will directly dive into those misconceptions and those myths that people have heard from here and there without even experiencing it.

Myth 1: “Remarkable employees cannot be found through these agencies”


Companies usually think that they cannot find qualified, talented and dedicated candidates through temp or staffing agencies. Their thought is based on the fact that these agencies hire everyone whereas this is not true. The truth is that these agencies have a variety of different fields in which people can work. Even if a person is an undergraduate, he can still get a job through a temp or staffing agency. This is because these agencies offer the kind of jobs like nursing, security guards, baby sitter or Uber driver.

This is the reason why companies have this misconception whereas these jobs are available in these agencies only for the needy otherwise they have professionals too on their list.

Myth 2: ‘Only temporary workers can be found through staffing and temp agency’

The next very common myth is that permanent workers cannot be found through these agencies which means non-serious people are hired by temp and staffing agencies. This is also not very true! Why? Because they are the temp agencies who offer short-term projects, not the staffing agencies. People confuse between these both as temp agencies offer short-term work which can be for one day or for one week. They hire candidates when companies have piles of work and they lack staff.

Whereas staffing agencies are the ones that can offer permanent work to the candidates. So the companies who need the candidate that can work with full dedication for a long time, they should get in touch with the staffing agencies instead of temp agency.

Myth 3: ‘These agencies cost a lot so why not hire the employees ourselves’


The amount of time and effort that is required in going through the CVs of thousands of candidates, interviewing them, training them, assessing them, choosing a job that they deserve is not an easy task. Every step is very difficult and a lot of work is needed to choose a candidate who best fits the company. So whatever the amount of money these temp and staffing agencies ask from the company is their right.

This saves time of the company as candidates are interviewed on a huge scale. Do you still think that these agencies cost a lot? They have a right to ask for a good amount of money from the company but not from the candidates.

Myth 4: ‘Candidates are paid less if they apply for a job through temp or staffing agency’:

People usually think that recruitment agencies take their pays by deducting some salary of the candidates whereas this is not true. These firms take their money from the companies for whom they find the candidates. The reliable temp and staffing agencies never even ask hiring fees from the candidates so how can they deduct their portion of money from the employee’s salary. They take their money from the companies for whom they hire the people.

Myth 5: ‘No benefits are provided by temp agencies’


This is another very big misconception about recruitment agencies because according to my research these agencies provide more benefits to their employees than the companies. I will mention some of the benefits that almost every reliable staffing agency provides.

They are different insurances like health, life, vision, and dental insurance. Candidates are even paid sometimes if they want to go on a vacation. A very great benefit, in my opinion, is that they save your time and your chances of getting hired are more. You don’t have to go from company to company for the interviews.

They also give weekly pays and bonuses depending on your performance. If you have a long-term contract with a staffing agency then they probably can grant you leaves whether parenting or maternity leave.

This does not happen in the case of temp agency as temp agencies offer very short-term work so no one cant grant you leave in that short period.

Final words:

Now, will you ever take the headache of hiring candidates by yourself? Absolutely not! because all the misconceptions that you have had in your mind would probably be cleared till now even if you are a candidate or a company’s owner/ manager.

I am sure you will prefer a temp agency and staffing agency and will get free from this tiring process of hiring employees. These agencies have a whole staff for them who step by step help them in choosing qualified workers so it is not a big deal for them but for you this can be very tiring.

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