5 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Sunglasses for Someone Else

Sunglasses are fashionable, protect your eyes from UV rays, and great to give to someone else. You know what your priorities are, but when you are crossing out the options available, do you even realize that you are making a big mistake? Because, contrary to popular opinion, sunglasses are not universal and not every pair of glasses suit the whole population.

In the same manner, there are various other factors that make your selection an imperfect one for someone else. Most of the time, people check the price and the style of the glasses, but there is more to sunglasses that are important to consider, especially when you are selecting them for someone else.

If you are uncertain about the selection process and mistakes that most commonly cripple in, scroll down and see what are the mistakes you have been making all these years while selecting sunglasses for your near ones.

Finding perfect sunglasses for every occasion, according to different tastes, styles, and interests, and that suits all outfits is a difficult task. You may have to run from one shop to another for hours or click across different tabs to choose the right from different online shops, but this is no longer the case. You no longer have to run pillar to post, just click here and discover a world of sunglasses at the most affordable price.

1. Lens colour


The colour of the lens is generally what defines the fashion statement of the sunglasses. But, one thing that you must keep in mind is that not every colour suits everyone. Also, different colour of the lens impacts the visibility. So, most people make this common mistake and select any colour glasses without proper knowledge about the polarized lenses that impact visibility. For example, green, brown, and grey lenses provide good visibility during driving or any other activity. However, black is good on sunny days to avoid direct sunlight to the eyes, while purple doesn’t obstruct the sun rays and allows them to pass through the glasses. Hence, without proper knowledge of this effect, people make this common mistake while selecting sunglasses.

2. Protection from UV radiation


Not all glasses obstruct the UV radiation on the same level. The percentage of protection differs with different glasses. Most people give priority to the fashion statement and don’t care about the protection of UV radiation. People are content as long as the glasses look trendy and fashionable.

This is the most common mistake made while selecting sunglasses. Because, while gifting sunglasses to other people, it is essential to keep in mind how often they use the glasses out in the sun and make sure that it helps them in protecting their eyes from the harmful UV rays.

3. Size of the lens


There is a common misconception that the wider and lengthier the lenses are, the more fashionable they look on you. But, this is not always true. If you have bought or frequently choose lengthier lenses over smaller ones, you are committing a mistake. Not all larger lenses suit every face.

Not all sunglasses suit every face shape, for that matter. The size of the lens must be carefully chosen considering the shape and size of the face to whom you are giving the sunglasses. If the face size is too small, a larger lens may cover up all the face, and it doesn’t look good at all.

So, you need to be a lot more careful with regard to the size of the lens. Medium size lenses are the safest choice, or you can take someone with you to decide the size of the lens that perfectly suits them.

4. Consider the lifestyle


This is the most common mistake people commit and don’t know they are doing it. Sunglasses have evolved into different styles in the last decade, and not all of them suit your lifestyle. For example, if the person to whom you are giving the sunglasses works outside during the daylight, it is safe to go with a black lens and a large-sized lens that covers their eyes and protects them from UV rays.

However, the same choice turns out to be an unwise one for people who travel a lot during night or evening time. Choosing sunglasses keeping in mind the lifestyle, is probably the best decision you will ever make to avoid the disappointment of the other person.

5. Frames


How can I miss frames? That is the most important part of sunglasses that either makes them stand out or sends them straight into a dustbin. Generally, people choose larger frames over smaller ones, but larger frames cover the whole of your face. However, don’t prefer smaller frames that don’t appear on your face.

Remember, frames must protect the skin surrounding your eyes, too, because that is the most sensitive part of your face. Frames should be larger enough to protect the skin and area surrounding your eyes, and medium-sized frames improve the protective capabilities.

You should also keep in mind the face size and shape of the person to whom you are giving the sunglasses to have a proper idea of which suits them the best. Avoid stocky frames too that leave a mark on your face or feel heavy on your ears and eyes. Make sure that the frames are thin enough yet visible and trendy.


There is a vast range of options that fits every need and outfit but very little knowledge about how to select the sunglasses. Hence, people commit the common mistakes stated above and select whatever they feel is good. But, by avoiding these mistakes, you can select good quality sunglasses that are not just trendy and fashionable; rather a lot more useful to the person who you are gifting them to in protecting from UV rays and come in handy for all other purposes. Therefore, careful analysis is required besides just going by the looks.

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