The Most Expected Events in the Casino Industry in 2024

2020 was pretty much uneventful, and many casinos had to shut down. While this was a boon to many online casinos, many patrons were not happy. Many people lost their jobs, but the casino is ready to bounce back.

Today, we will talk about some of the events that are highly expected to happen this year. Despite the looming presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have realized that life has to move on.

Cryptocurrency Gambling


For several years, many casinos have tried to introduce cryptocurrency for gaming. However, it did not really fly—many people still prefer using credit cards. The thing is that banks are also becoming more and more cautious. Around the world, there are laws prohibiting banks to participate in online gambling.

By participating, what we mean is that they cannot be used to fund gambling activities. For example, you cannot use your credit card to deposit funds into your casino account. Deposit or fund transfer is also not allowed.

As such, many online casinos, such as the ones you find on SlotoZilla, are now heavily focusing on cryptocurrency. In 2024, we are expecting casino operators to add different types of blockchain digital currencies to their payment methods.

Here are some features of cryptocurrencies:

Players can get bonuses for using crypto: The good thing about this is that casinos will also offer bonuses to those who use cryptocurrency.

The payments are anonymous: The main benefit of cryptocurrency is its anonymity. You can get money in and out of your blockchain digital currency wallet, and the banks will never know.

It works like this: The way it works is you buy cryptocurrency in real cash, and then you deposit the cryptocurrency to the casino. If you won a lot, you deposit the digital currency from the casino to your digital currency wallet and then convert the cryptocurrency into cash back into the bank account.

It is highly volatile: Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile currency. The price of a digital currency can abruptly fall, and you may have to wait months or even years before the price goes back up to where you bought it. Today, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, but the most reliable are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

AR and VR on the Rise


Augmented reality and virtual reality exist, but they are not yet mainstream devices that people use. In the casino industry, both technologies are highly anticipated. For now, the focus is to deliver the best slots through these devices.

What happens is that players will have complete immersion. While VR only provides a “sight” experience, AR is much more advanced as it provides a “tactile” experience. Many news organizations like the Event Chronicle pointed out that this could be the future of gaming, not only for online casinos but as well as land-based ones.

With Virtual Reality, the game operator must create an environment that is similar to an open-world game, like Assassin’s Creed. However, the player must have a first-person point of view and use a different control system to interact with objects—preferably his hand and not a typical controller.

Augmented Reality, however, does not only produce sight and sound, but it also produces feelings. Devices for AR provide stimulation by vibration. The controls pulsate, and this gives you a feeling of being really present in another world. There are even headsets where the volume and conversations you hear in the game change as you shift the position of your head.

With VR and AR, the player is going to wear a headset. This headset is what allows him to be “inside” the casino. He can walk and interact with objects in the game, like if he is in a “real” world. The beauty of AR and VR is that technology allows people to interact with each other.

Since the internet has made a lot of things possible, we are anticipating that people can talk to each other. The VR and AR devices are expected to have headsets and microphones in them, and players will have the option to create their own avatars.

eSport Niche to Boom


For many decades, the sole focus of the world is physical sports. As such, there is little attention given to computer gaming. All of these changed in the last few years.

Today, eSport is a huge thing. People actually come to arenas to watch gamers take out each other—in a game, not in physical terms. There are even TV shows now that regularly air these gaming events.

Because eSport is gaining traction, many casinos have introduced what is called eSport betting. In principle, it is the same as sports betting where you will place your wager on a team or a person. You win cash if your selected person wins the sport.

Because eSport is as complicated as physical sports, there are other options by which you can place your bet, such as who will be the first one to accomplish a specific goal.

eSport is now legal in many countries. When the pandemic struck, the eSport industry has seen a surge, primarily because people were at home and had the time to explore what is out there, and they fund eSports.

Like typical sports betting, there are many casinos now that offer no deposit bonuses. All you have to do is to find the right online casino to join, one that offers eSports betting for your favourite game like Fortnite, DOTA, and others.

More Live Dealer Games


The last on our list is that we are expecting a spike in live dealer games. Despite the number of jackpot prizes being offered, people are getting tired of playing against a computer. They would rather play with a live dealer so they can experience interaction with a real person.

The problem is that they cannot go to a land-based casino because of the pandemic. Even without the pandemic, some people are just too far away from casinos. The solution is to create studios that stream live games online.

This technology and gambling style is not new. It has been around for a while. However, we are expecting it to grow because people are getting tired of playing blackjack against software. The experience is far better if they can see a real person dealing with the cards.

Most of the games that use live dealer set-up are blackjack, but there are also games where a real person is involved such as roulette and poker. As a player, you can chat with the dealer, and the dealer can answer you back. All people who have experienced live dealer games can really say that this is much better than playing all by yourself with software.

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