What Are The Top 5 Mutual Funds?

Investing in mutual funds is attractive to investors for a long time. This option provides you with the ability to invest in shares, loans, stocks, and more. The main feature of a mutual fund is that it combines investments from many people who share the possession of the same assets. There are many benefits from this type of investment, such as diversification, which means that you can own shares from various companies in different industries. This feature is beneficial in terms of lower risks and great protection of your funds. Moreover, another benefit is liquidity since you are allowed to cash-out your funds at any moment. Also, you can start with a lower amount of money, and there is professional management available, which represents excellent support in your choice of what type of stakes to buy.

Furthermore, there are many types of these funds, such as stocks, shares, bonds, and more. Also, you can buy money market funds, that provides the lowest uncertainties, while bonds have much higher risks. You can acquire profit from dividends, increased NAV, and the distribution of capital income. You can choose from thousands of mutual funds across the world. When it comes to Indian market, you should read more about organizations like Danske, Amundi, Fidelity, DNB, and more. Also, we are going to introduce you to some of the best trading options worldwide.

1. Vanguard Health Care Fund Investor Shares


If you choose this option, some of the main advantages are the lower amount of money required for the start, with only $3,000 for starting investment, while the expense ratio is around 0.3%. The return after one year is around 25%, while other types of returns are also high. After three years, you can expect at least 10%, and the same ratio for five years as well. The return for periods over ten years is over 15%. Another reason why you should consider investing in Vanguard is the fact that medicine and healthcare are constantly improving, and there is a low chance that any sort of economic crisis, recession, or any other factor could endanger this industry.

2. T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund

For people interested in fund organizations that emphasize small and medium growth, and young companies with the potential to develop quickly, New Horizons is the best choice. The management who is working here is efficient in finding startups and businesses related to innovations in technology and modern solutions that are one of the most popular branches today. Moreover, you will also get the ability to invest in private shares of companies that are not active on the public market of bonds. The main benefit is that you can earn up to 50% of your investment after one year, while you can expect big returns in periods after three and five years as well, with rates over 20%. investing in this option is available to many people because you will only need $2,500 for a start.

3. Vanguard Wellington Fund Investor Shares


Vanguard represents a group with long history and experience, which leads to the fact that choosing to invest in their assets increases your chances to make a profit since you will get the assistance of experts with lots of experience in trading. The main features of buying shares over Vanguard Fund Shares are high-quality stocks and great dividends. The minimum investment is $3,000, while the fees are 0.25%. The profit might be much lower after the first year, but this option brings better security. Also, returns after five or ten years are around 10%.

4. Fidelity Magellan

Buying stocks over Fidelity Group is great for people who are not ready to start with some larger amount of money, there are no limitations in terms of investments. On the other hand, this solution is effective since they can connect you with shares of companies with a high chance to increase their value on the market. You can start with any amount of money, while the return rates vary high. For example, with current conditions on the market, your investment of $10,000 can grow to near $40,000 in the next ten years. When it comes to their portfolio, they are holding shares from big corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, Mastercard, Nvidia, Apple, and more. That brings higher security as well since these companies are leaders in their branches. Moreover, the expense ratio is 0.77%, while your return after the first year is around 27%.

5. Fidelity Select Software & IT Services Fund


Many people are attracted to stocks from companies in the IT industry because they offer higher security and great potential to earn a large income. When you invest in a fund that holds shares of brands like Visa, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and many other big names, risks that you won’t make a profit are very low. Also, the advantage of choosing to invest in Fidelity Group is that you don’t have any limitations in terms of the minimum amount of money. Therefore, you can start with the sum that you can afford. The profit after one year is around 40%, while the period of five years can bring you over 25%. If you are interested in long-term investment and dividends, you can earn around 17% for a lifetime return.

The Bottom Line

While there are many other popular options available today that could bring you great profit as well, such as cryptocurrencies, investing in shares of popular brands is still the safest option. Also, with good research of the market, you might be able to find a new company that can grow fast and earns you big returns in a short period. The main reason why people rather invest in these funds is protection since you won’t lose so much money in case the shares of one company drop down significantly. You can make a profit from both capital gains and the distribution. Also, you should look at factors such as fees, experience, and activity on the market when you are choosing the right mutual fund.

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