NASA Shuts Down Live Stream as UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere

A massive UFO was observed on the live ISS stream entering the atmosphere of the Earth on July 9, 2016. According to the witness, who also uploaded the video to YouTube titled “UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere, July 9, 2016,” the UFO could be an alien craft in the sense that NASA cut live transmission as the mysterious object was about to enter Earth’s atmosphere.

The UFO hunter indicated in the video description that the apparent UFO could have been a meteor, but the video cut off when the UFO appeared to stop.

The YouTube user’s observations sparked contradicting comments among enthusiasts.

One user wrote that after a closer look, he was convinced that it was an artificial space object, such as space debris or junk, re-entering the atmosphere from orbit.

Another user agreed to the video uploader saying that if it was just a natural, identified object, then NASA could just let the streaming to continue and not cut it off.

Another UFO blogger said that the bizarre object was not a meteor or the Moon, but more likely the Chinese space station Tiangong-1 – a space station cargo ship from China. It is China’s first space station, which was launched unmanned into orbit in 2011.

Earlier in April, a NASA spokesperson denied allegations of cutting off their live feed every time a UFO or UFOs enter into the frame. The agency explained that the loss of video could be due to loss of signals from the ISS.

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