5 Reasons Why are Offshore Sportsbooks so Popular in the US – 2024 Guide

Why are popular things popular anyway? And why forbidden things always attract people the most? That is the case with sports betting in the US. Something that was illegal for so long, became highly desired and interesting for its consumers. But not only was it illegal, but it was also not available on the internet, so it looked more like going to traditional brick and mortar casinos to have some fun. Thanks to the very recent Supreme Court Ruling, the sports betting market became freer and more approachable than ever! This is exactly why offshore sportsbooks are becoming more and more popular and are on their rise when it comes to the number of users and players.

What are they exactly? They are betting websites that are not based in the USA nor governed by their bodies, instead, they have been established overseas, which is not limiting for them in any way, to function globally. Players from every country in the world, and now the players from this country too, can enjoy betting on their sports and favorite players. It seems like it was about time, right? Visit this site if you’re looking for the best offers to start your sports betting journey.

The good sides of these websites are numerous. From the incredible opportunities and a huge variety of offers to choose from, to instant rewards and easy access, almost everything is proving the point that the rise of the internet has brought just as many positive effects compared to the negative ones. If not more.

However, a couple of reasons behind the popularity of offshore sportsbooks can be especially emphasized from the perspective of the players:

1. They can be assessed at any time and anywhere


Thanks to the progress of modern technology, it’s easier than ever to do everything you want to by only using your phone. Whether it is paying your bills, scrolling through social media or betting on your favorite sports, all of this is just a click away. While you’re waiting in a traffic jam, when you’re on a boring meeting, right before bedtime, almost anywhere and anytime you want. This allows you to wager on different games and different sports, all from the comfort of your home, car or workplace. 7 days a week, 365 days a year, log in and experience awesome games and betting. Any time of the day or any time at night, there is no waiting in line or any special steps for placing bets. You can choose whatever suits you the best, whether that are games with high or low limits. The freedom players are experiencing this way is unparalleled.

2. Quick payouts

Imagine winning something and not being able to get your money right when you need it. With sportsbooks this isn’t the case. No delays, combined with complete security, is what’s extremely important for players in this field. Receive your payouts immediately and don’t worry about the delayed deposits, jackpots and other winnings you’ve earned. Not only that, you get the chance to take advantage of enormous cash bonuses that are able to increase your odds when playing and placing bets. Juicy bonuses are one of the biggest reasons behind the offshore sportsbooks popularity in the US.

3. Play using cryptocurrencies


This is where technology meets technology. You can indulge in all the games you want by simply using Bitcoin and Litecoin. It is quick, simple and effective compared to traditional transactions. The rise of crypto has been more than revolutionary for online betting. It has increased the amount of games being played, since there’s a lot of people who want to engage by using only modern solutions as such. Also, the lowest minimum deposits and withdrawals, with no fees, come with this payment method. This encourages people to embrace alternative solutions and sources of money.

4. Awesome features

Fantastic website design that is visually pleasing, fast loading and reputable, trusted sources of people’s favorite bets, ability to wager on different types of games — even non-sporting events, cards etc., all of that drags player’s attention and makes them hooked on the quality content they can get. Experiencing exceptional gaming performance is what makes a difference, even when compared to the best traditional casinos in the world. Plus, the options are numerous, so you can bet on sports, stock markets, winners of TV shows and much more.

5. You don’t have to worry about taxes


Without having a US governing body to regulate offshore sportsbooks, gamers don’t have to worry about paying taxes to the government. Whether that are fees for national leagues or federal taxes, if you do your research well and choose the right websites you can trust, then you’ll be able to focus only on your game and the money you can make! Some of the major and the most featured websites have hundreds of thousands of players, mostly from the US, because that is the biggest market after all. Thanks to the previous ban on sports bets, this market has expanded tremendously to this day, as it’s finally possible to take part of it, not having to worry about the legal consequences.

Whether it’s about legal or offshore sportsbooks, the truth is that people are highly interested in spending their time and money this way, hoping to earn some more or at least, have fun. With the endless possibilities that the modern era has brought in the world of betting, it’s never been easier to actually research where to deposit your money and how to win big.

Online Offshore sports and other types of betting is convenient, safe and easy to access, which makes it the best option for many people who don’t want to physically go into a casino or chase the local bookie who may give you some favorable odds, as it was in the years past. Here, with a simple log in, you enter the world where anything you wish for can be easily done.

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