4 Online Casino Games that Can Easily Be Beaten – 2024 Guide

Gambling is one of the best widely held types of entertainment for a long time. Also, online platforms had a huge effect by increasing that popularity even more by bringing people who were never so interested in visiting land-based casinos. One of the benefits of online casinos is a great competition, which leads to the fact that most of them are offering great deals to attract more players. Among various types of promotions, we have to mention the welcome bonus, where you will get free funds after placing your first deposit. Visit Casinobernie to read reviews and offers of popular online gambling platforms.

Furthermore, you should learn more about the likelihood of winning before you start investing money in gambling. Welcome bonuses are a great way to try out different games to see which one suits you most. Also, each casino has a house edge and return rate for online slots. Therefore, the best way is to select ones that goes more in your favor. Moreover, since there are thousands of games available, check ones with the highest chances for a win. While most of them require only pure luck to win, some skills and strategies could improve your efficiency. Nevertheless, there are some games where you can easily make a profit with proper money management along with learning all the rules. Here are some games where you can make a profit much easier.

1. Craps


Craps retains a high popularity for a long period, and it doesn’t require any special skills, only luck. When it comes to rules, you are throwing a pair of dices to get the right combination. While there is no game with a guaranteed win, this one provides you with excellent chance to win in each hand. However, you should learn more about proper budget management and invest less money in throws. The main point is to get number seven or eleven from the dices. When we compare this game to many others, it provides you with a much higher chance to win in each throw.

2. Blackjack


The key reason why this game is so popular is the great possibility to double your money by each hand. Your probabilities to earn are around 50%, and this game is the only one that offers you such a probability. However, you should know that every online casino provides different odds and that you should select those with that edge being under 1%. Moreover, your opponent is a dealer, and you can beat him by getting number 21 or the closest combination to it, but not over that number. Another benefit is that you don’t need much experience to become good in playing Blackjack.

3. Roulette


You can involve all kinds of tactics in this game. For example, if you are gambling on black and red, your chances are near 50%. The same is when you are betting on even and odd numbers. However, you can only double your money with these strategies. Nevertheless, every number on the table multiplies your bet by 36. The most popular combination of numbers is Big Series, Small Series, and Orphanelle. The advantage of these combinations is that you are playing several numbers, which improves your chances for a win. However, you will need good money management and consistency to win more. For example, you can choose to play on numbers from zero to seventeen, which gives you around a 25% chance to win in each spin. The more number you select, the higher is the chance, but you will also need to bet with more money.

4. Online Slots


While slot games have much smaller chances for a win when we compare them to Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Craps, choosing an online casino with greater RTP can significantly improve your odds. Every casino has a house edge and returns rate for every game. When it comes to slots, there is no chance to predict a win, but with patience and a good strategy, you can easily become good at playing them. Also, there are some online slots with much higher return rates, such as Break Away Slots, where the rate is over 97% in every spin. Moreover, games like Mega Joker, Jokerizer, Jackpot 6000, and many others have even over 99% rate in some online casinos.

However, you should know that these rates are linked only to the money that players betting with, and odds are much smaller than those rates. It is very important to choose a suitable bet according to your budget, which will allow you to stay in the game for a longer time. There are various bonuses and combinations available in each slot, and your chances are improving over time. Nevertheless, we have to mention a variety of Jackpot prices, which are one of the main reasons why people are attracted to slots so much.


There is no guarantee that each of these games will get you a profit. However, when you are playing games with higher odds and choosing casinos with lower house edges, the probability that you will win is quite good. Also, the main reason why you should only choose slots with high RTP is that even if you are not winning big prizes, the chances that you will lose a lot of money are much lower. On the other side, one of the best ways to get an income from gambling is to create a proper system related to money management.

Avoid spending more money than you can afford since it can bring you a lot of issues in private life. Therefore, set your budget and limits, and play any game without stress. A lot of people are using a strategy where they are increasing the bet each time when they lose and set it back on the beginning after every winning hand or spin. The advantage of this strategy is that you can win big while still be able to stay in a game for a longer time. Blackjack and Roulette are the best games where you can use this type of money management.

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