OSRS Replaces Duel Arena with PVP Arena

Allow us to refresh your memory for those who haven’t been following the evolution of the Duel Arena in Old School RuneScape. Jagex claimed that the Duel Arena would be removed in October 2024 in order to curb OSRS gold trading and fraudulent activities that were rife. The time it would take for this change to be completed was not specified, but interim measures were implemented a month later, reducing GP stakes and providing two loadouts.

A new version of the Duel Arena, now known as the PvP Arena, is now available, offering 1v1 duels and 1v1 tournaments with ranked and unranked play options. The duels will be held on different game maps amongst players of comparable skill levels, as measured by Rank Points. When players join the arena, their stats will be standardized, but they will still be able to personalize their builds by selecting one of three basic and secondary battle styles and buy OSRS gold.

What is the Duel Arena, and how does it work?


The long-standing Duel Arena is an ancient site in the Kharidian Desert northeast of Al Kharid. Players may teleport to the arena by rubbing a dueling ring, or they can use a lodestone to go to the Al Kharid region and proceed north to reach their destination. Players may earn osrs items for sale and OSRS gold [] by fighting other players in the arena.

Players may challenge other players in the arena after they’ve arrived. Before they begin the duel, the dueling gamers will have to specify several settings for the combat. The fighters will also be required to place a wager or stake to demonstrate to the other participants how much money they will get if they win the duel.

PvP Arena

The PvP Arena (also called the Emir’s Arena by Al Kharidians) allows players to battle each other in a safe atmosphere, with matches taking place in a different save game world against players of comparable skill levels. You’ll be able to register your interest in finding a fight and then go about your business until a match is set up. You’ll be notified when the match is ready and it’s time to fight! You’ll be asked to switch to a different save game world, giving you ample time to go to a secure location where you may hop between worlds and participate. Because battles take place in a different save game world, your usual game profile, together with all of your levels and stuff, is left behind. The newly launched PvP arena includes both ranked and unranked 1v1 tournaments and 1v1 duels.

1v1 Tournaments


Tournaments allow participants to compete in a series of 1v1 battles. That is, if you are good enough to advance to the next round! You may either let the game choose a tournament group for you from the pool of available players, or you can organize one yourself. Simply register your interest in a tournament using the PvP Arena side-panel. Once a sufficient number of players have joined up, the game will generate a 1v1 tournament for those who qualify.

Each tournament has anywhere from four to sixty-four players, with each round being divided until only two players remain! For a tournament of 16 participants, this may look like this:

  • Eight 1v1 matches are fought amongst 16 players.
  • The first round’s eight victors compete in four 1v1 fights.
  • After that, the four victors of the second round compete in two 1v1 matches.
  • The last two victors will then compete for the title.

Rank and reward points will be awarded depending on your performance.

1v1 ranked duels

If you want to fight but don’t want to commit to a full tournament, this is the place to be. You want to compete in ranked 1v1 duels? This is a one-time bout in which the game will automatically match you up with a player of comparable level.

The winner of a 1v1 battle will gain rank and reward points just like in tournaments.

Unranked 1 vs 1 Duels


Unranked 1v1 duels allow you to pick your opponent and battle them mano a mano. You won’t win any awards but can buy OSRS gold, but this kind of combat is perfect for experimenting with new combat styles or just getting some practice in before a major tournament!

Rewards from the PvP Arena

Even if you don’t make it to the top, your time in the arena isn’t wasted! You’ve worked hard for your reward points, and now it’s time to cash them in. It is thus only possible to spend the PvP prizes against other players. You will be unable to attack anything except other players if you have any of the non-cosmetic goods equipped. It is important to note that some of these products are not tradeable, despite the fact that they would normally be. This was not a mistake. The goal is to make the game less appealing to shady characters, but we’re certain that real PvP players will still find plenty of use for these things. After this point, all incentives are the same. You die in PvP, and the player who killed you gets the money you left behind. Repairs can only be done at Perdu.

For a small number of reward points, you’ll be able to purchase the following ideas from the store:

  • Ornament Kits
  • New Blighted Sacks
  • Imbue Scrolls
  • Wristbands of the Arena
  • Centurion Cuirass
  • Calamity Chest & Breeches
  • Maoma’s Headgear Set
  • Koriff’s Headgear Set
  • Saika’s Headgear Set
  • Amulet of Souls
  • Thaw Potion and Flame Rose
  • The New Left-Click Teleport


With the successful replacement of Dual Arena with PvP Arena, Old School Runescape has created a better overall experience in most areas of PVP. As is customary in the arena, there are awards for winning battles, which are all non-cosmetic and PvP-specific kits.

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