What Is Outpatient Drug Detox Treatment and How Is It Beneficial – 2024 Guide

Alcohol and drug addiction is a common issue in today’s highly competitive world, with soaring cases especially amongst the youth who are laden with high amounts of stress even for meeting their basic requirements. A major underlying cause for these growing numbers is easy availability of drugs, alcohol and other such substances that are known to provide a quick reprieve from the copious amounts of stress. Fortunately, the increasing amount of awareness campaigns on drug addiction and opening of multiple authorized Drug and Alcohol Rehab centres helps addicts recover and go back to their normal life.

Drug and alcohol de-addiction can be undertaken in two ways either through inpatient treatment or by opting for intensive Outpatient Treatment through certified centres. Where the former is mostly recommended for extreme cases of addiction, most people who wish to get back to their routine prior to addiction as soon as possible opt for IOP Treatment. Normally, an outpatient treatment is required even after completing a de-addiction program at an inpatient rehab centre for continued support while proceeding into day-to-day life of recovery. The process includes one-on-one counselling sessions, group interactions and substance abuse education while keeping track of the patient’s habits and general behaviour. Treatment normally lasts for 90 days or until the patient is completely recovered and does not feel any more need to consume drugs or alcohol.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient De-Addiction Treatment

Outpatient treatment helps recovered addicts to maintain a feeling of normalcy as they get back to their normal lives. The treatment being carried out in everyday environments is not only cost-effective but is also beneficial for long-term effects. Here are the numerous benefits of IOP Treatment.

  • Continued Care


A major benefit of outpatient services is that they help you receive regular care without disrupting your work routine. It means that you can regularly attend school or go to work even during the recovery phase. The continuum of care may depend on individual requirements and greatly varies from one patient to another. Treatment modalities may include Individual Drug counselling with recovery specialists, group counselling to learn from various experiences of peers and reconnect with the society, educational lectures and medical detoxes.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The cost of rehab facilities widely varies depending upon a number of factors. But as compared to inpatient treatment for 30 days, the outpatient treatment plan for 90 days is much cheaper. Where the cost for former may approximate to be $20,000, the later just costs about one-fourth of the price for triple the time duration. Of course, there are a number of other factors that affect the pricing, but overall an outpatient treatment is extremely cost-effective.

  • Insurance Coverage


Reputed treatment centres for Drug Detox in Houston offer insurance coverage for all types of patients. Despite its cost-effectiveness, IOP treatments are still expensive for some patients or their family members, which is a major issue why most patients are reluctant to opt-in. But the insurance facility and coverage of maximum costs allows them to recover without many financial worries. Before opting for a program, patients just need to make sure that it is covered by their insurance plan. This way, the patient and his family focus on their recovery and not on the bills.

  • Easier Transitioning

Most patients suffer while adapting to everyday life, especially if they have just come out of an inpatient rehab centre. The experience is extremely daunting and is often the cause of relapse in most cases. This is where outpatient treatment plays a significant role. The IOP programme makes transitioning much easier, and the patient doesn’t feel like going through the process alone. The easy integration helps in maintaining patients’ sobriety over long terms providing immense relief for not only the patient but also for family and friends.

  • Additional Accountability


Since the outpatient program includes individual and group counselling sessions with professionals, patients feel accountable to maintain their sobriety. When a patient is not regular or misses a session without appropriate notice, staff members, other patients, therapists, and psychologists may look out for them. This helps determine any cases of relapse quickly, helping the patient get right back on track almost immediately. Working with people who understand their goals and problems helps in smoother and faster recovery for patients.

  • Various Resources

One of the major benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Houston is access to multiple resources for recovery. These may include transportation to and from your program, virtual sessions in case of unavoidable situations, availability of a psychiatrist or therapist, videos and educational resources to enlighten you more about your addiction, ways to avoid relapse and deal with any future urges on your own.

  • Additional Activities


One of the most reliable means of maintaining patients’ sobriety after drug or alcohol addiction is keeping the mind occupied with additional or extra co-curricular activities. Most students who have been addicts find themselves relapsing due to peer pressure, but this can be avoided with the Outpatient treatment. Additional activities include family groups, trauma workshops, dialectical behaviour therapy, art therapy, meditation groups, psychoeducation, etc. Attending these can help maintain patients’ sobriety in healthy and engaging ways.

In a Nutshell

The Intensive Outpatient rehabilitation treatment offers an amplitude of benefits for drug addicts, especially those who find it difficult to accommodate in everyday life. But it may not be the ideal means of primary treatment for ones susceptible to extreme drug overuse. However, patients recovering from addiction, and just out of an Alcohol Rehab centre may find the different modes of treatment extremely useful. Nova Recovery Center – one of the most reputed Alcohol Rehab centre in Houston who specialized therapies such as Experiential therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, 12-step facilitation therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Family Behavior Therapy and contingency management for faster recoveries. Are you too looking for a reliable treatment for yourself or your loved one? Get in touch with our experts right away to discuss the continuum of care in detail and get the best treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction.

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