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Paul George Net Worth 2024

  • Birthplace: Palmdale, California
  • Birthday: May 2, 1990
  • Team: Indiana Pacers
  • Contract: 5 years worth $90 million starting 2014-15 season.
  • Net Worth $7 million

In 2010 Paul George was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the first round number 10 overall. The small forward played for Fresno State Bulldogs average 16 points per game in his sophomore year. He continued his growth as an outstanding athlete during his NBA career being named as one of the best in the game. For a second year a row he and the Indiana Pacers have faced the Miami Heat and Lebron James in the playoff series for the Eastern Conference Finals.


In 2013 he made the All Star team for the first time and won the league’s Most Improved Player Award. George’s success has earned him a contract extension with the team for 5 years worth $90 million. His current salary is just under $3 million but in the 2014-15 season George will begin earning $13.7 million. As part of his contract extension developed by owner Larry Byrd in 2018 he will earn almost $19 million.

Paul George comes from an athletic family. His mother Paulette suffered a stroke when Paul was 6 years old. His older sisters Portala and Teiosha did much of the household duty, with Paul pitching in where he could.  He spent his evenings playing basketball with his older sister Teiosha who played basketball at Pepperdine. Growing up his idol was Kobe Bryant but George rooted for the Los Angeles Clippers.

In 2014 he was slapped with a paternity suit by a Miami stripper claiming that Paul George is the father of her daughter Olivia. He promises to take responsibility if Olivia is his child and has not denied the claims.

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