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Perez Hilton Net Worth 2024

Queen..oops I mean Prince of media Perez Hilton has built one of the most visited sites in the world in a coffee shop. The entertainment blogger began by gossiping about all of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. But his opinionated and sometimes spiteful comments made him more interesting than other journalist. The snarky one gets over 105 million page views per month. His net worth is estimated by Forbes to be around $50 million. He’s been in the center of a number of lawsuits but his fandom continues to grow tremendously.

Perez Hilton’s blog post are pretty boring too, very short and often only 150 words or so long. Plus what’s with that white paint he puts on all the pictures!

Source: independent.co.uk

Yet millions of people a month read Perez Hilton’s blog to get the latest celebrity gossip and read what biting remarks he has for his latest celebrity victim.

Because so many read his blog, he can sell ad space on his sidebars and ask amazing amounts per ad. For example, on his ad price page, it shows you can buy a 150 pixel by 200 pixel high banner for one WEEK for $4,000.00!

If you want to get a 150 by 600 pixel high banner, you have to come up with $10,600.00 per week! So if you count up the different size banners and text ads that is on his blog right now, he makes over $100,00.00 per month.

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