Personal Loans In Singapore: Four Things You Probably Never Knew

Personal loans are great to help with your financial freedom. They give you the freedom to use, can be allotted even when you are unemployed. All you have to do is maintain a good credit score. For the best personal loan, head over to this website. Here you will get multiple options under one roof.

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Why A Personal Loan?


Personal is the most preferring Singapore. It is the most used credit. People usually go for it because it’s unsecured. It means that your assets are not at risk if you are somehow unable to repay them. Therefore, you are not paying your loan, decreasing your credit score and ability to get credit in the future.

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Applying!

Four things you should always keep in mind while applying for a personal loan are:

Freedom To Use

Most of the loans in Singapore are specific to the cause. Like car and renovation loans. In these types of loans, money is directed to the fixed cause or taken in the name. Unlike them, a personal loan comes with freedom of choice.

You can spend the amount virtually on anything you want. It’s for you to decide where you want to spend that funds. You can also split the money and spend whenever and wherever you desire. Personal loans encompass all: holiday expense, buying furniture, investing in buying a home, or your education cause.

Unemployed Are Equally Welcome


the rumor that personal loans are only for the ones on the job is wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed or not. In Singapore, you can apply for a personal loan if you are unemployed. Anyone with a source of income can apply for it. if you are unemployed following things will be undertaken:

● Your source of income.
● Your credit score.
● Personal details

The best way to get a loan while you are unemployed is through this website. It offers a variety of lenders who are willing to work with you knowing you are unemployed. However, keep in mind to always go with the lender giving you a personal loan at the lowest interest rate.

Interest Depends On Your Credit Score

If you have applied for a personal loan, you should keep all parameters in your mind. The loan’s interest determines the loan amount. When your application form gets processed, the lender will look at your credit score. Your credit score will give them an idea about your creditworthiness. To know more about how credit score influence your loan interest, click here!

What Do Your Credit Scores Mean?



If your credit scores are low, it means you have a high chance of getting a loan at high interest rates.


If you have a high credit score, you will get a loan at a low interest rate.
So before applying, make sure you have good credit scores!

This website Is The Way Forward!

This website is the way forward to applying for a personal loan. Applying for a personal loan is tedious, challenging, and stressful. But since the arrival of Mandela, things have been relatively easy. Your traditional way of attaining a personal loan is tiring. But this website will help you get the best of personal loans in your comfort.

How Does It Work?

This website is the comparison site. It fastens the process of application. This website works with a plentiful record of licensed moneylenders, and all that you need to do is fill in a short application. It only takes a few minutes. Then, lenders willing to work with you will give their offers.

Once you select the preferred offer, This website will book an appointment for you to sign the loan. After that, you have to seal the deal and wait for the money to get accredited in your account.

Understanding Interest Rate Of Personal Loan In Singapore


When you begin your research on personal loans in Singapore, you may come across two terms. One is the effective interest rate, and the other one is the advertised interest rate. If you are thinking of taking a personal loan, you must understand the difference between these two types of interest rates.

Effective Interest Rate

It is mandatory for banks in Singapore to state the effective interest rates besides the advertised interest rate. Both are different because the effective interest rate takes account of your processing fee and other expenses, while the advertised interest rate doesn’t. It also considers your repayment schedule details, so it costs more than the advertised interest rate. In a nutshell, the effective interest rate demonstrates the actual valuation of your personal loan.

Advertised Interest Rate

On the other hand, advertised interest rates are something that the banks advertise in bigger fonts. It is the annual interest rate. For example, the advertised interest rate of The Development Bank Of Singapore Limited is 3.88% per annum. However, it does not disclose the whole truth. This interest rate does not consider the admin fees and other processing details, which is why it stays lower than the effective interest rate.

There are some banks or financial institutions that offer 0% interest on personal loans. However, this offer is only applicable if you take a personal loan for the short term. But, these kinds of loans usually come with a much higher processing fee. So, it means you will still have to pay the bank something extra. Rather than collecting the money in monthly interest forms, they gather it as upfront cash. So, it’s better to choose a bank that offers interest because in that way you will have more time to repay the money.


There are several personal loan agencies in Singapore that will offer you loans at low-interest rates. However, it’s better to take a loan from a renowned bank or financial institution to ensure credibility. So, we suggest you avoid taking personal loans from individual lenders because you have to verify their authenticity. Moreover, it will take quite some effort and be time-consuming, which won’t be a problem if you take loans from renowned banks.

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