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Priyanka Chopra’s Net Worth 2024 Will Shock You

Priyanka Chopra is best known thanks to her role on Quantica, a drama that airs on ABC. Furthermore, many recognize her as being the best friend to Meghan Markle, while the others are more familiar with her name thanks to her fiancé Nick Jonas.

However, Priyanka is a massive Bollywood star and her loyal fans know everything she has done for the industry. She has filmed lots and lots of movies for the Indian production house and she is quite serious when it comes to acting.

Before she decided to join Hollywood, Chopra already had heaps of money and experience to back her up. But it is take you even more in the past. Before she started acting, Chopra earned a lot of money as the winner of Miss World in 2000.

In the meantime, music industry is not strange to her either. She recorded a song with Pitbull called Exotic – you must be familiar with it. Besides a bunch of offers from both Bollywood and Hollywood, Chopra is earning a fair share through endorsement deals. A-36-year-old actress stands behind Pantene and GAP.

And now…

In 2017, Forbes released that Chopra earned $11 million in a year. However, now her net worth dropped to around $8 million due to taxes and other expenses. But we are not worried for the beautiful actress. All it takes is another banner with her in a starring role for the numbers to go up. Former Miss World knows what she is doing, so you better watch out.

Did you expect her net worth to be under $10 million? Even though that is a lot of money, it is small compared to her work so far. If you want to follow her career further on, make sure to check out where you can find other news and gossip from Bollywood.

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