Boost Your Real Estate Leads with These 7 Tools in 2024

Working as a realtor today provides freedom, flexibility, and an unlimited earning cap depending on your own abilities, skills, and local economy. Whether you are working in real estate for a firm or you are going solo and representing clients independently, there are a few tools to help you boost your real estate leads and potential sales along the way with a foolproof real estate marketing strategy in place.

1. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is one of the most well-known newsletter email service providers for both individuals as well as businesses alike. Using Mailchimp does not require extensive programming or design experience, which is why utilizing the service as a real estate agent from here is considered seamless by thousands of users today. Even with a free plan from Mailchimp, users have the ability to send up to 10,000 emails each month with 2,000 subscribers.

Both free and premium Mailchimp plans provide users with templates and a powerful, robust template editor to create emails that blend naturally with your brand’s logo and overall image. Additionally, Mailchimp provides thorough reporting with the use of Google Analytics, individual client tracking, social media monitoring, as well as geo-tracking for the most in-depth data reports possible with each of your email campaigns. Mailchimp is a really popular service used by many different real estate companies, like

2. LionDesk


LionDesk is a popular CRM, or Customer Relationship Management solution that is designed to help business owners, managers, and individuals alike organized and productive while managing entities, clients, sales, and overall revenue. Using LionDesk can help as a real estate agent to better manage and organize your clients as well as the type of properties you are currently representing or intend to represent in the future.

For those who enjoy collecting as much data as possible with a variety of tools to do so may enjoy LionDesk for their clientele and business organization. With LionDesk, take advantage of robust and thorough visualization of data analytics along with support for AI coming soon. Track contacts, emails, strategy drips, deal plans, text messaging, and even specific phone lines along with entire revenue stream projection. LionDesk is a complete system designed to help manage any business, including a realty company or an individual venture as a solo professional realtor yourself.

Unfortunately, LionDesk is not without its faults. Many users have noted that there are many issues each time LionDesk is updated, which frequently leaves them without previous updates or additions that were wanted or enjoyed by the community. The lack of integration with LionDesk and alternative third-party applications as well as social media platforms has also been voiced by the community.



While the internet has provided marketers with a plethora of advertising methods and alternatives to traditional campaign strategies, leaving out direct mailing as a real estate agent can be extremely costly when it comes to appealing to prospective local clients. With Wise Pelican, take care of all of your direct mail campaign needs in one central location. Avoid feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of selecting a postcard or mailer size, as Wise Pelican specializes in a one-size solution for all.

Wise Pelican provides users with a variety of prebuilt templates along with the ability to modify, update, and change them in-browser, even without prior design or coding knowledge. With hundreds of templates to choose from, there is no need to seek out a third-party graphic designer or illustrator to help with your next direct mail campaign.

One of the most prominent features of WisePelican for those interested in launching a direct mail campaign is the ability to do so by importing your own address lists or by automatically generating a list using WisePelican’s own list builder. WisePelican’s list builder provides users with the option of searching for addresses based on zip code, specific neighborhoods, and even subdivision names wherever available to help you better hone in on the clients you intend to reach.

4. Facebook


Facebook is home to more than 2 billion active users, so it is no wonder why it has become a dominating force for digital marketers and social media campaign managers. Using Facebook to promote yourself as a real estate agent or even to represent the current real estate company you are representing is one way to break into the industry, regardless of your local competition.

Facebook provides you with the ability to not only spread the word of your business and the services you provide via a personal and business page, but also through paid advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is one of the largest online social media paid ad services that reaches billions of users daily. With Facebook Ads, anyone has the ability to launch a targeted advertising campaign with the use of keywords, trends, or even by specific demographics. Regardless of the age range, location, gender, or even neighborhood you are targeting, it is now easier than ever to do so with digital ad campaign managers such as Facebook Ads.

Track and monitor reports in real-time as well as with complete overviews to determine which ads and campaigns work best to appeal to your intended audience. Utilize A/B testing to ensure that your messaging is resonating with the prospective clients you intend to reach. Maintain complete and total control over your daily spending limits as well as your overall budget based on the number of visitors or followers you intend to accrue when using Facebook Ads.

5. Twitter


Twitter is another platform that can help you to spread the word about your real estate services and the type of properties and clients you represent. While you are limited with the number of characters you are able to use with each update on Twitter, you can implement a variety of local or relevant hasthags to help with maximizing your online reach and boosting your real estate company or personal name’s SEO on top search engines.

6. Zillow Premier Agent App


Zillow is one of the largest real estate websites available to date. With the Zillow Premier Agent App, you can increase your reach and broaden your ability to appeal to more prospective clients who are currently online and in the market for a home or seeking representation.

Using the Zillow Premier Agent App can help you reach millions of prospective individuals who are seeking a real estate company or agent to represent them in real-time. However, it is important to note that Zillow Premier Agent App does not always deliver high-quality leads that result in agents receiving new clients or inquiries. It is also important to keep in mind that in order to take full advantage of the Zillow Premier Agent App, you will be required to pay a hefty subscription fee just to begin.

7. Youtube


Using video is one of the best ways to quickly grab the attention of users who are in a rush or those who are simply immune to traditional digital advertising. Using video promotions, home walkthroughs, tours, and even client testimonials on an official YouTube account can help to build your professional reputation while increasing your own brand’s awareness. You can also use YouTube’s platform to upload and share videos with the use of embed scripts as well as by sharing your videos across a variety of social media platforms you include in your online marketing strategy as a realtor.


Growing your clientele as a real estate agent with proper real estate marketing matters, whether you are doing so on your own or as a representative of a realty company. With the right tools, an online presence, and an understanding of the prospective clients you intend to appeal to, you can ultimately maximize your online reach and ability to obtain clients and close sales with ease.

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