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Rich Peverley Net Worth 2024

  • Birthday: July 8, 1982 age 38
  • Birthplace: Guelph, Canada
  • Occupation: Hockey Player
  • Children: Daughter Isabella
  • Spouse: Nathalie Peverley
  • Net Worth: $15 million
  • Salary: 3.375 Million a year part of a 3 year contract worth over $9 million in total. Peverley’s contract currently makes him the 10th highest paid player on the team. His contract is up in 2015 where he could become a free agent. His previous contract with Atlanta awarded him $2.6 million a year for two years.

38 year old Rich Peverley is a center in the National Hockey League. He has been playing professionally for 7 years. He currently plays for the Dallas Stars after being traded from the Atlanta Thrashers in 2011. While attending St. Lawrence University he had an outstanding hockey career that lead him to a professional contract in the American Hockey League before joining the NHL in 2007.

March 10, 2014 was a scary moment for the Hockey player. In the middle of a game against Columbus Blue Jackets, Peverly collapsed on the bench during the first period. Peverley had just finished playing for over 5 minutes where he was taken out the game for a break. While he was sitting on the bench he just slumped over. The players began banging their sticks to get the officials attention to stop the game.

He was immediately taken to the locker room by medical personnel where he finally regained consciousness. He was later transported to UT Southwestern St. Paul’s University. Lindy Ruff the Dallas Stars’ coach explained his team was not in any condition to finish playing. The game was postponed. The team’s spokesperson later announced it was due to Peverley’s unstable heart condition.

Unfortunately this is not the first time Peverley has had a medical emergency. In September 2013, before the start of the Stars 2013-14 training camp, Peverley underwent a surgical procedure to help with an irregular heartbeat.

Peverly is married to Nathalie and the couple have a daughter named Isabella.

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