The US Government On The Verge Of Confiscating Supposed Debris Of The Roswell UFO Crash

In 2011, a man discovered a number of artifacts in Roswell, New Mexico, where an alien spacecraft had supposedly crashed in 1947.

He took the mysterious metallic pieces to a number of labs for testing. Results came back showing that the mysterious artifacts were not from Earth.

“…either the lab made an analytical error or the material is not from Earth.”

The Roswell case, also dubbed the Roswell UFO incident, refers to the alleged crash of an alien spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico, in the United States, on July 10. 1947.

The event marked the birth of modern ufology and led to numerous debates, theories, and speculations about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Many others consider these claims totally unfounded.

But despite this, millions of people have since become firm believers in alien life, despite skeptics arguing that the event that occurred on July 10, 1947, was not related to extraterrestrial life in any way.

The ultimate truth is that when speaking about the Roswell crash, everyone wants’s evidence to back up the claims.

And while many people have claimed to have found pieces of the alleged UFO that crashed in New Mexico no one has approached the matter with scientific thinking.

Source: cbsnews.com

That’s why in 2011, a UFO investigator said he discovered a peculiar material at the site where he believes the alien ship crashed in Roswell and even decided to perform lab tests on the strange piece, in order to prove it was part of a spaceship.

The man behind the ‘sensational’ discovery was Frank Kimbler who was a teacher of geology and earth sciences at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell.

When Mr. Kimbler arrived for the first time as a professor in the area, he thought it would be cool to investigate the local UFO legend: the crash of an alleged extraterrestrial space ship alien ship.

He thought it would be fun to search the area where the UFO had allegedly crashed and disintegrated in 1947, as well as to research what the military may have done to cover up any evidence of a possible alien ship.

Eventually, Mr. Kimbler decided it would be a good idea to start off his investigation by analyzing different satellite photos. He found that certain areas where the alleged ship had crashed appeared to have been burned, with unnatural geological features.

Carrying a metal detector, he managed to sneak into the area and find fragments of a strange metal (probably an alloy), in addition to some buttons that match those used by military personnel in the middle of the last century.

According to Alejandro Rojas from openminds.Tv who covered the discovery in 2011, Mr. Kimbler discovered “that the object was most likely about ¾ of a mile long and a few hundred feet wide, and facing the direction witnesses had reported. He also noticed this area had very straight edges, something unusual for a natural occurrence.”

The information gathered via satellite images, and in-situ offered more questions than answers.

Mr. Kimbler’s goal was to find physical evidnece of the crash. Now that he had found it, his next step was to see what he had found

The most important discovery made by Mr. Kimbler was a silvery metal that resembled aluminum.

While exploring the area where aliens had allegedly crashed, he discovered more silvery pieces that seemed to have been shredded, and some of the edges of the artifacts even appeared melted.

After gathering enough physical evidence, Mr. Kimbler turned to the Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center where he showed his discoveries to the museum director, Julie Shuster, who introduced him to Don Schmitt.

The first tests were performed by New Mexico Tech in Socorro.

Scientists used microprobes to determine that the material Kimbler had found was aluminum, silicon, manganese and copper alloy.

Despite not being ‘unknown,’ or otherworldly, the material isn’t usually found in foil form.

With more questions than answers, Kimbler decided to obtain an isotopic analysis of the piece.

He turned to the University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics where he spoke with a researcher who was expert in isotopes.

Kimbler had not told the scientists anything about the piece he had brought.

As noted by Rojas in his piece for Openminds.tv, the research from the University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics told Kimbler that he wanted to test the piece as he suspected the material was from outer space.

Still without all the answers he needed, Bigelow Aerospace showed interest in helping Kimbler get to the bottom of the mystery. However, after months had gone by without any results, Kimbler decided to go elsewhere and find another lab where his piece could be adequately tested.

The money needed for the research was obtained by the UFO Museum. Eventually, the results came in, and everyone was left with a big surprise: Kimbler said that “either the lab made an analytical error or the material is not from Earth.”

Now, seven years into the study of the mysterious pieces, Kimbler says that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wants to confiscate the material he had found.

As explained in another article by Rojas for Openminds.tv, “initial isotopic ratio test done in conjunction with the Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center was inconclusive but suggested the material may be of unearthly origins. Kimbler has continued research on the material and says he is close to proving the “ET origins of Roswell.”

And now that Kimbler says he is on the brink of proving how an alien ship did crash in Roswell in 1947, he is terrified that the government may confiscate his evidence.

“Kimbler was recently contacted by them and asked to bring the materials in on Monday, June 25. This news comes less than two weeks before the annual Roswell UFO festival,” explains ufo author Alejandro Rojas.

An excerpt of the email sent by Mr. Kimbler to Openminds.tv:

“The Bureau of Land Management contacted me today and requested that I bring the artifacts that I found down to their office in Roswell. They want their enforcement officer to look at the material and see if I’m in violation of US laws. [Their] own published document clearly says that anything less than 100 years old is not an artifact. It also says of human origin in all US laws. This a prelude to confiscation or fines or both. Seriously, folks, I’m one scientific test away from proving the ET origins of Roswell.”

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