5 Ways To Achieve A Rustic Style Kitchen For Your Home

Creating a farmhouse kitchen is one of the things that interest people today. Whether you are remodeling your home or designing your new building, it may have crossed your mind to have a farmhouse kitchen. There are so many designs and ideas when it comes to achieving that rustic look you find in a farmhouse kitchen. It can be a bit challenging having to decide which look to go for, especially when you love almost everything you see.

Today, most people post pictures of their farmhouse kitchen styles, and it gives you some ideas on what you can create. You can even get inspiration from magazines or television shows. If you have decided that a farmhouse kitchen is what you want, what exactly do you need to do to achieve your desire?

We have here five steps to help you achieve your rustic design farmhouse kitchen in no time.



One of the most important things you would find in a farmhouse kitchen is cabinets. They are usually the center of attraction and can be made in any color you desire. Most people prefer to play with colors having something bright, or they simply just stick with white. For a rustic look, white color cabinets set a more timeless tone than any other color. They are traditional and will complement any décor you put in your farmhouse kitchen.
However, if you want a more traditional rustic look, a wooden finish says it all. You can install honey-colored wooden cabinets in your kitchen to give an example antique and rustic theme.

Another idea could be glass door cabinets which allows you to see through the items inside them, especially if you want to display some of your kitchenware. You can install glass doors in some of the cabinets and not all of them, so it looks pretty stylish.

For a more rustic design in a farmhouse kitchen, most people go for the shaker-style cabinets because they are cleaner and more functional. You can add knobs and drawers in your farmhouse kitchen design along with your cabinets.

Kitchen Island


Another way you can create your rustic farmhouse kitchen style is to include a kitchen island. You can hardly have a properly fit farmhouse kitchen without a kitchen island. Besides, the island gives you enough space to do your kitchen work like baking and preparing your food. You will have enough space to do the kneading, prepare your pie, and cut your veggies.

If you are thinking of ideas for your kitchen island, it’s always a good idea to go for wood. If you have a wooden island, it can serve as a butcher’s block for cutting and won’t wear out. The older it looks, the more rustic your farmhouse kitchen looks.

Also, granite surfaces are not a bad idea for your rustic style, but they don’t look as good unless you complement it with a bulky wooden chopping board. You can include a butcher’s block if you are not using wood for your kitchen island.

Wooden Floors


Wooden floors are perfect because they are easy to care for, and they look perfect. Anything wood will add more to your kitchen’s rustic design, and they are great for farmhouse kitchen ideas.

Wooden floorboards are very popular. Plus, there are many options for this flooring type. You shouldn’t go for the polished wood type because it won’t give a rustic look. Instead, a weathered or roughly finished wood would be perfect. You can also use this opportunity to display any wooden beams that you have, but in case you don’t have this, you can install shiplap walls around your kitchen space. You can cover just some part of the walls but not everything with a shiplap.

Farmhouse Sinks


Have you seen those really large farmhouse sinks? They are very attractive and even though they take up space, you can do a lot with these sinks. If you are doing a rustic-style farmhouse kitchen, you will need one of these sinks to make up your décor.

The farmhouse sink is usually the first thing your guests will notice when they walk into your kitchen. They have deep bowls, so you won’t be needing a cabinet under them. They also come in beautiful colors, but most people prefer going for the white sinks.

You can get beautiful porcelain white farmhouse sinks at sites like Annie and Oak, as well as other farmhouse-themed decors. Another option will be the pink farmhouse sinks which are also good and will add color to your kitchen.

One of the benefits of having farmhouse sinks is you can do most of your kitchen work in them. You can do all your washing at once, wash your fruits and veggies in it. It has enough room to handle your work.

Plus, you also have the option of getting the single or double sink option. The type you choose would depend on the size of your kitchen. It is best to get the space measured before buying your kitchen sink, so you don’t end up with a farmhouse sink you can’t use.

Rustic Décor


You can complete the detail of your farmhouse kitchen by adding some interesting décor. There are many items you can include to make the place look very traditional and rustic. Some people have items like cane chairs, wooden rugs, large antique jars, large teapots, etc. You can even place wall art and choose to install hangers to display your kitchenware. You can choose the items to add based on your style; whether you want bar stools or metal chairs is up to you.


Now that you know what to do, it shouldn’t be challenging to set up your rustic-style farmhouse kitchen. There are many ideas for a rustic-style farmhouse kitchen, but hopefully, with these basics, you should be able to create your own farmhouse kitchen. We are sure you have seen a lot of designs, and in no time, you too will be sharing yours with others. Farmhouse kitchens always look beautiful and timeless. You can always add and improve on your rustic-style kitchen anytime you wish.

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