How To Set Up Your Stock Trading Computer

The stock trading computer is an integral part of the setup that will help you take your initial steps while trading in the best possible way. Stock trading has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Technology is a boon that has benefitted humanity in various ways. So, it should be enjoyed like that instead of technology posing challenges in your purchasing and selling journey.

Such functions can also be done through the mobile phone. But the experience rendered by a laptop or your personal computer is a class apart. It is incomplete without a PC that runs fast and helps you with more than a single screen display.

You need not spend a hefty amount of money to get an ideal computer setup for stock trading. It would help if you worked with them whenever you feel like it, but you should ensure that you upgrade it according to the need over time. However, you need not confuse it with buying a new computer altogether. You can go with the upgradation of different computer parts that need replacement.

This guide will help you build the system for doing the dealings from scratch.

Here are the considerations that will help you go for a seamless computer setup.

Your focus should be at the right spot. You can focus on developing a PC tower and it can be a laptop, too, based on what is your preference during the overall process. Also, the personal computer or laptop should offer customization and constant upgrades followed by screening that will help in adding to your trading experience.

Computer’s Internal System For Saving

The dealing setup is incomplete without the inclusion of a storage system. It can be a hard drive. This is the place where all the data will find its place. Hence, an SSD should be preferred as it adds to the speed and efficiency. Many computers offer 500 GB of space which is acceptable for the buying and purchasing purposes.



It promises efficient running which is imperative to conduct a seamless process of functioning. It refers to the short-term memory as possessed by various electronic devices indulged in the dealing process. The computer of any average trader will have different processes running at the same time, and hence, RAM is imperative. The dealing device should have the software, dealing room, chat room, browser, and more. Hence, it would help if you opted for a computer that helps you with a higher RAM.


It handles the control of the overall process, and hence, you need to focus on the CPU cores. It will ensure the simultaneous running of the processes. Anything between 1 GHz to 4 GHz will work for the trading process.

Graphic Cards


Traders should use a graphics card that will help them plan the use of multiple displays in a better way. So, those new to the trading field should know that a graphics card helps process different kinds of data that make it to the computer, like videos and graphics. They become a part of your screen later on. If you need assistance in choosing the computers for traders, you can find here some reliable options to choose from.

Some cards are powerful as they help with better display and also help in higher resource usage, that is, initiating the use of more screens for an ideal trading purpose.

Monitors And Degree Of Resolution

Now, while setting up your trading space, you might struggle with the ideal choice for the number of monitors you need for this purpose. This is a golden question with no correct answer. Yes, you read that right. If you are okay with trading on a single computer, you can go for that. But, if you want more, you can choose that option, too. However, the only thing you should know is that it won’t be the right step if you plan to trade with the help of more than just for the sake of it. Some people decide to begin trading on 8 computers and even more. But that’s an apparent discretion.

Resolution for your monitor is also a personal choice. For example, if you like bold fonts and the words should be zoomed in, you can go for 1080P. However, if you belong to the category of people who like it in an organized manner and everything should be set in a single window, you can go for a 4K resolution.

If you opt for a monitor replacement, the minor resolution in the new one should be 1080P. However, if budget is not an issue at your end, you can switch to higher resolutions.

Ideal Size


This should be decided by considering some pointers that are stated as follows:

  • Preference of the trader.
  • Desk real estate.

For example, you have decided on a place from where you want to begin the trading process but you need to still decide on the overall setup. For this, you need to choose the screen size. The ideal decision is to choose monitors of 27 inches and 32 inches. They should be 3 and 2 in number, respectively.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule. See the space in the room, and you can choose to alter your decision accordingly.

Additional Considerations

The first thing while considering to include additional considerations in your trading setup is the use of mounting monitors. Mounting is needed when you are planning to use more than 3 or more than monitors for external use. You can do the same with the help of the following:

Desk mounts help mount a single monitor. You can use it to mount as many as 3 monitors. Another way of mounting is by doing wall mounts that can fix monitors to the walls. Apart from this, you can choose the monitor stands for better productivity, concentration, and experience.


So, when setting up your stock trading computer, you can keep these points in mind. They will help you decide on suitable components that improve your performance while trading and enhance your productivity. Your trading computer is the link between you and the trading world. Hence, it ought to be a good one!

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