Shed Customisation – 7 Ways it’s Improving Farmers’ Day-to-Day

A shed is a shed is a shed? Not really!

In the ever-evolving landscape of Australian agriculture and various industries, the trend towards custom sheds is gaining momentum, and it’s not without good reason. In fact, for farmers and individuals in diverse sectors, the decision to invest in a custom shed goes beyond just staying on trend—it’s a strategic move that can yield substantial benefits.

There’s a reason many Australian farmers—and individuals from other industries—are investing in custom sheds these days. It can even be advantageous to replace your current shed with such a structure, as it could end up saving you time, money and effort. And on any farm or commercial site, those are victories that are never taken lightly.

The summary below explains what you could be benefiting from if you get your own customised structure.

More Light

More Light

A simple corrugated iron structure with its dark interior is no longer the only image you should think of when people mention sheds and storage units. You can now enjoy a light and airy feel inside a shed, thanks to adding features like:

  • Windows
  • Sliding doors
  • Skylights made of fiberglass

Because you have the benefit of custom designs, you can have these features fitted in the most appropriate places. Plan the layout and features so you channel natural light into the room at the right time of day, depending on the sun’s position. This can even help you manage the temperature inside, but more about that below.

More light can also make a space seem more spacious and inviting. So, if a corner of your shed serves as your office on the farm, it can now be a more cheerful place to update your paperwork.

Easier Access

Features like a sliding door or personal access doors also help you allow access to the unit in the way you want to. For example, a PA door is a handy option if people tend to enter and exit the space multiple times throughout the day.

Add a durable lock and you’ll be able to keep the area secure. It’s much easier to open and close than roller doors, so workers’ routines will flow better.

Of course, roller doors and sliding doors are extremely functional if you need a larger entrance. If a forklift, car or other large object needs to get in or out, these features are essential.

Thanks to customisation you can assess the purpose of the shed, decide what type or types of access will be most beneficial to your operations and order accordingly.

Property Aesthetics

Property Aesthetics

Customisation is for functionality but also for aesthetics. You can usually order a custom shed in a colour and finish of your choice, which makes it easy to match the look and feel of the property. Perhaps you want it to match other sheds or the main house?

You’ll appreciate the cohesive look, but this is also a smart consideration for the long term. If you should ever decide to sell the property, buyers will find value in a space that is pleasing to the eye. It can help create a good first impression, so they’ll feel positive about the purchase and even pay your asking price.

Temperature Management

Another feature many people associate with a shed is extreme heat or extreme cold. Of course, with Australia’s extreme climate the average shed does tend to be uncomfortably hot during the height of summer. Thankfully, innovations have empowered shed manufacturers to offer helpful extra features that can lead to a more bearable atmosphere inside.

Ask your supplier about insulation, as this is a dynamic way of maintaining a more comfortable temperature inside. Also, features like a roof vent or whirlybird can help create that airflow you’re after to bring some relief during the warmer months.

A bonus here is that even if the shed has an air conditioner, insulation and ventilation help that you have less need of this system. So, you’ll save money on power costs.

Less Waste

Here are some more savings you can look forward to if you have a customised shed: money and space.

With a standard shed, you don’t always have much say in design, layout and size. This means you may pay for a structure and end up not fully utilising the floor space. That’s wasting money and space!

The alternative is to take the time to consider your exact needs and design a shed according to those particulars. Think of shape, layout and floorspace you’ll need to function optimally and only pay for what you really need.

Streamlining Workflows

Streamlining Workflows

Once you install such a customised structure, you’ll see how it affects many of your daily activities. You and your team will be able to optimise your workflows and save time on various tasks. That’s how a simple shed can help you get more done every day.

Safeguarded Against Harsh Aussie Weather

You can’t talk about farming without acknowledging the weather and you even have to consider it when putting up structures. Luckily, modern sheds can have features like a Category 2 wind rating that helps protect the content against the elements.

In Conclusion

Being a farmer is a noble profession, but it certainly comes with many challenges. Luckily there are ways to improve day-to-day functionality even with just one change this year—a custom built shed. That’s the power of having customised solutions and it’s clearly worth looking into for a multitude of reasons.

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