Should You Develop Your App In-House or Outsource?

No two businesses are the same

Before you start looking at development agencies and outsourcing your development tasks, it’s important to understand what the difference is between an In-house and Outsource development process. The goal of the in-house experience is to develop the product in-house by using the skills, tools, and systems available to you. This can include using an existing project or creating a new one if needed. Outsource projects are similar to in-house projects but the services may be contracted out or purchased entirely by another company. Either way, there is a specific process each service goes through before being submitted for approval and implemented into your product.

In-house developers: benefits and drawbacks


In-house provides the flexibility to rapidly create new features and customize existing ones. However, they come with some significant benefits and drawbacks.


You can customize almost every aspect of the application (and save money doing so). You have more say in the programming process. You have more say in what gets built and shipped.

In-house can be a great investment for your business. They can save you money on salaries, and they can also bring unique skills to the table


It takes time to get closer to showing results.

If done incorrectly, in-house programmers can create more work for you than you can handle. Programmers can also take longer to get hired because recruiters have more questions about their backgrounds. I’ve had developers who were excellent at their jobs and suddenly found themselves demoted or fired after an in-house review found them lacking in certain areas.

Things to consider when setting up a development team (budgets, schedules, egos….)


A successful startup requires disciplined, intelligent, team players. But hiring and growing good employees takes time and energy. So how do you pick the team that’s right for your startup?

There are three things you need to consider when setting up a development team.

The first is budget. Is the team going to meet your requirement or not?

The second is scheduled. Are you going to need the team members for a specific period of time or not?

The third is ego. How big of ego do you have? There are some people who think that setting up a development team is easy.

They don’t have to think about money or schedule but can just hire someone. Well if you want to set up a development team and have fun doing it too, read on. Having them does increase the complexity but it doesn’t have to be stressful. They can also be fun.

Few things are more important to the success of a startup than its ability to grow rapidly. Since you can’t possibly know everything about your startup’s future, it’s best to start with something which produces good results and grows slowly enough that you can more easily recover from any setbacks or over-promises (which can lead to too much money being spent on projects that won’t see the light of day).

Outsourced developers: benefits and drawbacks


Who has the time to maintain their own infrastructure? Outsourced developers give you developers who are available 24/7. They typically work for a cheaper rate than paying their own staff, making it possible to build things faster.

Compared to hiring full-time developers, outsourcing has some benefits:

  • you can create features faster, potentially saving weeks if not months of work;
  • you save costs by not paying for programming time that might be profitable to implement in your product once it’s complete;
  • developers are often available during your weekends and evenings, which can help accelerate your product.

Problems can arise with developers not following instructions or integrating with your company’s software — but this can happen with any kind of hired help. Other concerns include ethical issues involving workplace safety, computer security, and freedom of expression.

When to consider outsourcing app development to an agency

When your app project grows beyond your comfort zone, it’s time to look at agencies. Agencies can offer a whole range of app programming services—from front-end and UI/UX design to backend development, testing, and QA. They can handle tasks such as hiring software programmers, building app store marketing campaigns, maintaining relationships with app stores, and ensuring that your application is up-to-date with new releases.

Why choosing the Webspace team as outsourcing app development to an agency


Webspace is a premier provider of Cloud based-applications for businesses and enterprises. Our company offers best-in-class software development services on more than 20 platforms like Ionic, WordPress, Drupal, and more. Over the years we have built our reputation on providing our clients with affordable, quality services. It is our goal to continue this improvement process by providing superior services to our newest clients. Here at webspace, we are hiring talented professionals who are willing to work with us to develop cutting-edge applications for business needs. To learn more about our service check out

How to deal with your outsourced developers and make them part of your team

The biggest challenge with outsourced software development is making your team work together and also understanding where they are at in their careers. Developers who work for you are not your everyday employees. They are professionals who have left their day jobs to work for you full time. This means that when they are at work they behave like one of your (other) employees and their behavior reflects on the company as a whole. If an outsider tells you that your developers are not working well enough or that they aren’t following your directions, you will need to take action before they do something that will harm the company and put your employees in danger.

Time to decide


Software development is a hotly debated topic. The industry grows around the globe with an average of one new application being created every 10 minutes. Technology is constantly evolving; new applications, operating systems, and programming languages are introduced nearly every day. The demand for software development services is also growing; more companies are seeking qualified professionals with skills in programming languages, databases, and Internet technologies. Therefore, finding the right company for your software program needs can be a challenge. Outsourced developers offer better quality at the same lower cost than in-house. What’s more, companies tend to hire experienced developers instead of software development contractors who lack the appropriate skills.

On the other hand hiring, in-house can be significantly different and require a significant amount of analysis and decision-making. There are many factors to consider, and the decision should not be taken lightly. Quality is paramount and should always be considered before selecting an outsourced solution. If there are quality controls in place, this process should be significantly shortened and simplified.

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