4 Signs Your Law Firm Needs a Better Marketing Strategy – 2024 Guide

Being an owner of a law firm is an amazing thing, isn’t it? Unfortunately for the world and fortunately for you, there will always be scenarios where people need to go to court. This includes everything from a minor car accident to murder, fraud, and other bad things. 

Despite a lot of work, another reason why people decide on this industry is their passion. Being a lawyer is not for everyone. You need to study difficult lessons for years to reach your goal. However, theoretical knowledge won’t mean anything to you if you do not have the character and mentality that are mandatory for this type of profession. Because of that, if this is your passion, then we fully understand why you decided to start a law firm.

Yet, will your knowledge, skills, and experience be enough to ensure your law firm’s profit? You will surely manage to attract a lot of clients after a few successful cases. That is the best way to develop word-of-mouth marketing and attract new people that are desperate to find someone who could help them. However, that is NOT going to be enough!

Just like for any other industry, marketing plays a key role. You will need to recognize the signs that your law firm needs a better marketing strategy. These signs are often visible, but many owners simply do not want to accept them and they would look for the cause of their problem in some other place. That is the reason why we would want to highlight those signs and ensure that you are doing the right thing. Let’s go!

1. People Come to Your Place Only Because of Recommendation

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When people want to buy new sneakers, they would ask people whether they like them or not. On the other hand, they would check out reviews before they spend their money and get additional social proof. The same rule counts for the lawyers. We are pretty sure you feel proud when you hear that some of your previous clients recommended you to someone else. However, this is not going to be enough for your success.

The most professional law firms will do whatever it takes to reach their target audience. For instance, they will keep their social media networks active, try to advertise on radio or TV, etc. The way how you can advertise depends on who your target audience is and that’s something we will explain later. However, counting that recommendations are going to help you become successful is wrong. What would you do in case you did something wrong? Reputation is something that you can lose for seconds. Because of that, you need to be ready for every scenario before it even appears.

2. You Are Not Present Online

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In the 21st century, you need to be present online! The Internet allows us to advertise through different advertising channels such as social media, blogs, vlogs, etc. If you do not want to use these options, then you can be sure your competitors will. That will allow them to reach your target audience even before you. In case they have equal or even better results in the past, why would someone pick you? You need to come to the customers before they come to you. If you truly deserve their attention, they will know how to recognize your talents and expertise.

To conclude, your business needs to be present on all social media and active. It is not enough to make a website and wait for people to come. You need to have Facebook Page, Instagram profile, and potentially be present on Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms that people of all ages use.

All these platforms will also allow you to target a specific group of people. That is the reason why you need to know who your target audience is. Will that be younger people that live near you or older people that live across the country is up to you. These are all things you need to analyze!

3. Your Blog Is Empty

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For starters, do you even have a blog? If you do not even have one, then that is definitely a sign that your marketing strategy needs to change. On the other hand, if you have one, what do you publish there? Are most of the posts that you share there promotional? Do you publish blog posts regularly?

The blog is the section of the website where you indirectly promote your knowledge and skills. The best way to do that is by analyzing topics that could be valuable to someone else. For instance, you can write about services that you offer, explain how they work, which stages the law firm and the client need to pass together to reach their goal, what clients should do before they even connect with the law firm, how to recognize a good one, etc. The list of topics would last forever if we highlight them all. We are sure that you understand the point.

Anyway, after you provide something valuable, do not be too promotional at the end of the blog post. Try to naturally and objectively recommend yourself as a solution. You can even skip this part and do not promote yourself at all.

4. You Do Not Appear on Google

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You need to work on the SEO of your website. When people type in the search box on Google “law firm near me” or something like that, your company needs to appear there.

Reaching the first page of Google is not an easy task and it takes time. Pages on your website as well as blog posts need to be optimized with relevant keywords, backlinks, and other stuff. Despite that, your website needs to be speed. The time that people spend on your website also matters for Google’s algorithm.


If you are a law expert, that doesn’t mean you are automatically an expert in marketing. Because of that, all the things we just said may seem confusing to you. In case you are not sure how to handle your marketing strategy and improve it, it is always much better to hire an expert to do that instead of you. To find out more about law firm advertising, click here. The website we attached can give you a lot of answers and help you be a step closer to your main goal.

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