Best Sleeping Positions for Back and Neck Pain

Proper sleep is the essence of life because your body and mind need rest to recharge for the next day. During muscle relaxation occurs and the healing process is completed. Our heart and blood pressure slow down so that the brain can release hormones that play a great role in boosting the overall immune system.

However, it is noted that 10 to 20 percent of adults suffer from problems. Due to neck pain or sometimes back pain, our cycle is disturbed. In that case, you can make a few adjustments in your positions to manage your neck pain. Take a look at the most likely positions you need to adopt to manage your neck or back pain. Learn More

Best Sleep Positions for Neck Pain

You must have noticed that people wake up with neck pain because of the wrong position. Whenever you sleep at an awkward angle then neck strain injury may cause neck pain due to sudden neck movements so you have to make sure to use a good pillow for neck support. When you are suffering from neck discomfort then you have to adopt the best position for pain relief.

1. Sleeping on Your Side:


When you are suffering from back pain then doctors recommend sleeping on your back or your side. In order to relax well, you have to adjust your pillow in such a way as to support your neck. Those who want to relax on their side must use taller pillows under their neck area in order to support their head and spine as well.

2. Sleeping on Your Back:

It’s always a good idea to maintain the natural alignment of the spine by relaxing on your back. For a proper good night’s sleep, you need to use a thin pillow because your head should be raised at a small angle. You can also make use of cervical pillows or other memory foam pillows available in the market in order to support your neck or head. This position is also called a reclined position because your body weight is maintained properly.

3. Don’t Sleep on your Stomach:


We have noticed that some people relax on their stomach which is not an ideal position because you have to twist your neck which puts a strain on the back. However, you must not use any pillow in that position especially when lying on your stomach. When you are sleeping on your stomach then your head is forced to one and this wrong alignment is stressful for the neck.

Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

Back pain isn’t always linked to a serious issue but it can be related to restlessness, lack of relaxation, or poor posture. If you want to get relief from back pain then you can concentrate on adopting the best sleeping positions. Most of the problems can be prevented using supported pillows and keeping your back relaxed.
Sleep on your back: If you are having lower back pain then the best way is to sleep on your back because this position balances the weight of the entire body. You can adjust positions with the help of pillows under your knees or back in order to support your spine.

1. Sleeping on your side:


Those who want to relax on their side should place a soft pillow between their knees in order to align their pelvis, spine, and hips. Side sleepers should keep changing their sides to avoid muscle imbalance. The worst position for back pain is lying on your stomach. If you don’t want to change your positions then a pillow or soft memory foam can help to adjust your body and spine.

Relaxing on your side in a fetal position is considered a comfortable position for those who have herniated discs. First of all, lie on your back and roll over to one side, and tuck your knees towards your chest which is known as the fetal position. Make sure to keep changing positions after some time to get a good night’s sleep.

Relaxing on your stomach by keeping a pillow under your abdomen: Although, relaxing on your abdomen isn’t recommended as the best sleeping position but some people may find it the best to relieve back pain. Place a pillow under your pelvis in order to be comfortable and this position may work for some people with back pain.

Some tips for better sleep


Apart from the sleeping positions discussed above, you can follow some tips for better relaxation.

  • First of all, make a sleep schedule by going to the bed at a particular time of the night. Regular bed timings can help your body adopt a natural pattern. Always give priority to your relaxation for at least 8 hours a day.
  • If you want to enjoy a better rest then you need to skip all the caffeinated drinks including coffee and other cold drinks at least 5 hours before. If you love coffee or caffeine-related items then you can have them at noon and avoid all the caffeinated drinks at night because caffeine interferes with sleep mostly. More about caffeine side effects, you can read on Vivarin.
  • Exercise in the mornings or early afternoon is the best activity to raise your adrenaline levels and make your body fit. Many people have noticed that by doing regular exercises you can enjoy better sleep at night.
  • Always look for a comfortable mattress especially when you are suffering from back pain. Don’t go for extremely firm or extremely soft mattresses rather choose a medium-firm mattress that is made up of good quality inner springs. Mattress plays an important role in making you well.
  • The pillow fills the space between your neck and mattress and using a good quality soft pillow matters a lot. There are different kinds of pillows available in the market but you have to look for one which is soft and comfortable at the same time.

If you want to find out more on how to sleep better, you can check the sleep blogs such as SleepMattress.

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