Solar Stream is Hitting the Earth

Happy Solstice everyone! We’ve got some major incoming energies happening. A solar stream is hitting the earth from a coronal hole in the sun, which is affecting the earth’s magnetic field. Solar storms are the thing I really feel the most – typically they can make us feel dehydrated, uncomfortable, hung over, and mess with our sleep.

Nausea/being off food continues to be a theme, as does dizziness or a sensation that the earth is moving underneath you. Neck issues and an achy sensation right at the base of the skull have been common. I’ve had some ear stuff going on, been headachy, and a smidge moody, although nowhere near what I was like last week. Big fears continue to keep popping up for processing, as well.

On top of all of that, the earth is being affected by an unprecedented wave of energy that is moving across the entire planet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of big earthquake or other energy release from the earth in response to all this energetic action.


Well, after the year it’s been I guess it makes sense that it will keep surprising us right to the very end! Here’s the good news. Solstice events lock in our progress. Yay! And any incoming energy always serves to dispel anything that needs releasing. The universe is always assisting us, and I’ll happily take any help I can get.

We will be continuing to review and shift right into 2017. Not only do we continue to have a mercury retrograde until Jan. 8, our holiday seasons create a shift of energy all their own, as does moving into the energy of a brand new year. There are some things you can do to help all of this transitioning occur much easier.

As always, listen to your body and practice good self care. Drink lots of water! Hydration is SO important to help you flow along with the energies. I have found allowing your body to move instinctively in your own kind of dance/tai chi/yoga (or doing the actual practices) can really help your body adjust and move the energies as is required.

Ground, ground, ground.

If you experience sleeplessness, don’t panic, you’ll likely be energized throughout the following day, as well (and you can also ask your guides to infuse you with energy if you need a little help to be functional). Meditation is a great substitute for sleep, as it has many of the same benefits. Use the tools you have gathered over the years. Yes, that means, remember what you know and apply accordingly. A good sense of humor is very helpful, as laughter is a great tool for release and way more fun than gut-wrenching sobs.


And as always, gratitude for the many blessings that abound and staying focused on why we are doing all of this and what we would like to create is key. There is always joy and magic to be found in the unfoldment of such important times. I’m wishing you an absolutely wonderful holiday season and an abundance of love, peace and happiness well into 2017 and beyond.

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