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Summer Rae – Biography and Net Worth 2024

  • Birthday: November 28, 1983
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Birthplace: Manhasset, New York
  • Lived: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Currently lives: Orlando, Florida
  • Real Name: Danielle Moinet
  • Occupation: Wrestler
  • Net Worth: $400,000

E’s hit series Total Divas returns with the cast millions of viewers fell in love with plus an even hotter addition Summer Rae. There is tons of drama and surprisingly the new blonde is having trouble getting along with Nattie aka Natalya. She and Summer are about the same age but for some reason Natalya feels her career has been threatened by the newbies. She’s been seen as less and less of a significant wrestler and honestly if it weren’t for her popularity on Total Divas, it doesn’t seem like she would still be given any primetime matches in the ring. So Natalya is definitely watching her back and with the new chick in town she sees red. Because of the immediate rejection from Naddie Heart, Summer is building a friendship with her new tag team partner Eva Marie.


The stunning beauty with blonde hair and modelesque features has a very athletic background. Danielle comes from humble beginnings born in New York. Her family moved to North Carolina where she spent most of her childhood. In school she was on the varsity basketball team, cheerleader, and played volleyball. Her athleticism continued on for the rest of her career and became an intricate part of her life. It also explains how she got that amazing body. The tall blonde began modeling after high school. She worked mainly as a fitness model and made nearly $900 a photo shoot. She claimed she had too much energy to spend her life posing so joined a football league.

While in Las Vegas Summer tried out for the Legends Football League also known as lingerie football. The league has gotten some lack for its demeaning of the players who wear skimpy lingerie outfits. That underwear canlook really hot and if you want to look just as hot as Summer, make sure to check out some swimsuits at HauteFlair. They will make you look great at the beach. But without a doubt Summer was still getting paid. The league’s commissioner Mitch Mortaza had hired Summer to play for the Chicago Bliss.  She eventually became a team captain and stuck with the sport for 5 years. During her final year Summer played in the All Star Game in Canada.


That same year Summer took a career turn earning a contract from the WWE. Her wrestling career started in 2011 with the Florida Championship Wrestling a division of the WWE. After only 2 years in the developmental territory Summer Rae got the call of a lifetime to be Fandango’s dance partner on an episode of WWE Raw. Summer claims her ringtone and alarm is the Fandango theme song. In April 2013 she joined the main roster.

Summer also takes pride in the charity work that WWE uses her for. October 2013 she was part of the Be A Star Rally against bullying in Orlando. Rae was part of the WWE Tribute to the Troops Event in December. She also has offered to be apart of the Special Olympics.


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