• Foods

    Rice Doesn’t Mean Just Paella: Two Simple and Delicious Recipes

    Here are two recipes with rice that are easy and quick to make at home. Rice with baby squid, hake, and shrimp Ingredients One medium coffee cup of bomba rice 7 oz Hake 17 oz of squid 6 shrimps Homemade sofrito (two tablespoons) Three medium-sized coffee cups of fish broth or fumet 1 clove of garlic How to make it?…

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  • Finance

    Current State of Affairs: America is Losing Fiscal Control

    To understand the malaise affecting America and the coming seismic changes to the Global economy, you need to take a reality-based Global overview of how the emerging nations will affect our entire world’s economic future and the inevitable changes it will sweep in upon the failing old guard. Economies change by evolution or revolution. America now needs both. For the…

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